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How a writer must approach argumentative academic writing

To write and argumentative essay, a standard essay format is followed. An essay has a canonical format that applies to all essays with a little variation. Specifically, an essay consists of an introduction, body and a conclusion. In an argumentative essay, several competing ideas are discussed. The essay is only complete when a supported conclusion is reached. The conventional approach to writing an argumentative essay is to start by mentioning the author’s position. This kind of commitment in an argumentative essay gives the readers a clear way of identifying supporting, opposing, and neutral arguments. In a formal argumentative essay, the author must mention the position of the essay in the introductory paragraph. His position is styled as the thesis statement of the argumentative essay

Order of presenting views

When writing essays with an objective of persuasion, story-based approach of writing essays must be avoided. In particular an argumentative essay requires an explicit layout before the author commits to the actual writing. The writer must decide on the topic or the subject of the argument. Since an argumentative essay must support a certain canon or perspective there must be supporting and antagonistic views. These views are to be written down in a certain order. In order to persuade readers, supporting views are often presented first in an argumentative essay. They are then followed by dissenting views that are in direct opposition to the perspective of the writer. An analysis and comparison of all the views is necessary in order to draw a persuasive conclusion. Finally, it is critical to note that in an argumentative essay, a position is set, and the writer is required to either support or dissent to the said perspective

Respect for all arguments

Even though an argumentative essay may support one side of an argument it is important that other conflicting views are respected. The most effective way of persuading and showing respect and understanding of differing opinions is through the use of deconstruction. In an argumentative essay, deconstruction is useful in expressing an understanding of all perspectives of an issue. In particular, deconstruction requires the writer to explain other views and the present a supposedly superior or stronger position. This approach in an argumentative essay counters opposition before hand, and helps to win the respect of dissenters. For this reason, other views, regardless of their weight and logical persuasiveness, have to be analyzed and explained.

Acknowledging source of support

Referencing and citations are important in an argumentative essay. Gathering such support from other sources is important. For example, if an argumentative essay aims to persuade readers that it is impossible to achieve true or absolute happiness, then, quoting Immanuel Kant’s “Critique of Practical Reason” can help the readers gather more information about greatest happiness and give your argumentative essay the power to persuade. Your essay uses such sources as passive supporters who do not specifically argue to support your essay, but whose opinions are parallel to the perspective of your essay. Argumentative writing is usually based on philosophical or ethical grounding. In such a discipline, an argument can be argued different ways and referencing and citation is critical. Further, formal methods of citation and referencing are important. In an argumentative essay, particularly a formal one, MLA, APA, and Chicago are the most common styles for referencing and citation. However, other formats such as Harvard are allowed. EEE, OSCOLA, and other discipline specific citation and referencing styles are rarely employed in an argumentative essay. Formal formats are almost always a requirement in an academic essay.

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