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Essays on custom paper writing

  1. Pay someone to review a book

    Book reviews are some of the most difficult assignments because the student has to read the book and write a detailed review of the author’s perspective.  In order to write a book review for me, the student has to read the book and identify the formal elements of the author’s expression. In addition, cultural elements and author’s personal style are the other elements that might be necessary in making a good book review. Formal elements might not be obvious because some of them might be hidden by the cultural influences in the book.

    book review help

    Finally, most modern books are long and contain a few good ideas among many others that are mundane and inconsequential. Imagine having to do a book review due next week, or a book review due tomorrow? How can I read 300 pages of a book in order to do a book review? This is where students find the need to find an online writer for book review. Unless the instructor wants a review of a book chapter, students might have to seek someone to help with a book review online.

  2. Comparing real life experience with academic learning experience

    There is no end to education. It is not that one reads books passes examination, and he marks the end of training. This is a statement that was said by one of India’s philosophers. Life is a learning process, from the moment one is born to the time of death. A statement that clearly depicts the feeling that is very clear as far as learning is concerned. Learning is an activity that every human being is going to go through throughout his or her life. Many people are enrolled in schools to gain knowledge, however, others gain that knowledge through the life experiences that they encounter in their lives. Through either method, one ends up educated with enough experience to engage in everyday activities. It however begs the question what would be the most effective way of learning.

  3. Pay someone to do my part for group assignment

    When students look or help with their research writing, it is usually a private affair between the writer and the student. Is this always the case? Sometimes professors suspect students of unscrupulous methods of completing assignments. For this, they device clever methods of giving homework so that the students do not get any help from outside their own minds. What do they do? The professors give their students group assignments. There are two ways students are asked to do group work but their instructors. In one approach, the professor can ask each student to complete their part in the group assignment. This is the best approach for a student who wants someone to “do my part of group assignment online”. For that student, they can hire a writer for group assignment to complete their part in the group work. Alternatively, the professor can decide to say that the group must complete the assignments collectively. Each student will have to participate in completion of every part. What do you do with such a group assignment?

  4. Benefits of Group Work and Extracurricular Activities in Universities

    Group work and extracurricular activities are important for learning in the universities as they empower students with extra skills, which cannot be acquired through instructor-led discussions and traditional lectures. Most instructors recognize the importance of assigning students with tasks to perform in groups. Universities have also placed a lot of emphasis on extra-curricular activities by requiring every student to be, at least, a member of two clubs or societies upon joining the universities.


    These measures serve to illustrate the growing importance of group work and extra-curricular activities to the overall development of a student.

  5. How can money help me write a paper?

    Can students get papers for money from trusted places. We have many students who want to have papers for money , but they do not know where to pay in order to have experts send a paper for money cheaply. Many scams have emerged promising students to deliver papers in a few minutes. True to their word, once paid, the companies send a nice looking research paper for money to the students email. Where is the catch? Why would students pay money for essay if there are companies sending nice papers for so little. A student once narrated how she bought a paper for money on a random website. Soon after submitting it, the paper was flagged for plagiarism of another student’s paper. Consequently, the student was suspended for violating guidelines on academic integrity. This is the story of many other people who have paid as little as a few bucks for a paper already written. These research paper databases sell the papers for little money, but make sure they sell one paper to as many clients as possible. This is how the students end up with problems with her professor. Why is it difficult for the student to ask for money back or to deal with the criminal website. It is because the student cannot admit to the controversial practice of buy project or buy research paper for money kind of behavior. The consequences for making such an admission are far more serious and undesirable.

  6. Writing papers in English: Language and Asian immigration experience

    Integration into a new culture dictates that one learns the new language and writing. In so many instances language has been used to persecute the secondary users. It has in so many ways been able to wipe the new societies culture clean making the new culture to hold on to glimpses of their once existing culture. The paper looks at the poem “Into such assembly” and the narrative “The stubborn twig” while trying to put focus on this theme of language and writing and its effects on culture.

    Myung Mi Kim’s poem covers the position of the immigrant writers in the new nation. The poem puts more emphasis on the aspects of English writers in the United States with relations to Koreans students. The poem looks at the aspect of acquiring citizenship that the immigrant students undergo. The Korean culture has been integrated into the American life, yet the use of language has been used to integrate the existence of these two cultures (Lim 513). Language at time has been associated with humiliation, isolation, and silent mockery that have been linked to those using it as a second language. Looking at this poem, it would be noted that the language closes any chance of having attachment to the other side, which in this case would be a different culture in the following ways.

  7. Where to get free essays online

    Writing essay papers is the major part of college life, which makes many college students want someone to do a free essay for them online. Every students thinks that they have good ideas for their paper, but when time comes to make it a reality, things become tougher. You need a free essay to make your writing easier. You come here and get your free essay as there are dozens of them for every topic.  A free essay does not assure the student of a good grade because it is free and available for everyone. What is the closest to free essay on the internet? You can pay for an almost free essay online in our platform.

  8. Research paper topics on social paradigms

    Introduction to Social Paradigms: Assignment 4 Questions

    1. List five paradigms you currently belong to (try to be more specific – do not put “human being” or “woman” or “student”)
    1. Study of science courses paradigm, especially medicine and engineering’ where I have a conviction that people should study science courses in college because they are more factual and real than somewhat abstract courses such as philosophy
    2. ‘A protestant Christian denomination superiority paradigm’ where I disvalue other denominations such as Roman Catholic and Anglican churches
    3. ‘Political party paradigm’ where I have a fanatical following of a certain political party and deem it as the only one capable of good governance in my country
    4. ‘A professor’s credentials paradigm’ where I tend to respect lecturers with a pile study credentials (more than 2 degree, masters, and phd programs) as compared to those having one
    5. ‘A hip-hop phobia paradigm’ where I dislike hip-hop music plus hip-hop artists, seeing them as senseless, bizarre, vulgar, and cruel    

  9. Secret essay writer

    Sounds off? Right? Yes, everyone needs a paper written secretly by an online expert. Whether you are in college, university of high school, you must have that one Go-to place where you can get a secret paper done for you. But why would anyone need a secret essay done on the internet. There are more than enough reason s a student would want to have a secret paper done. Many of these reasons seem illegitimate, but this something that happens regularly for many American students. It might be controversial that some sites offer secret writing services, but they do it anyway. Where can I get my paper done secretly? You are right on that spot, controversies aside.  Take time to read why you would want a secret online writer.

    Secret Writer

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  10. Ethical Theories in engineering essay

    If you must write a paper on ethics, engineering is one topic you must deal with. The modern technological environment demands that engineers be able to point out good ethical behaviors in their work. It is therefore common to have engineering students write an essay on ethics in their final years. Engineering ethics paper writing must be perfect in order for an engineer to be considered fit for work in the field.

    Engineers all over the world understand the importance of ethics in both professional and nonprofessional lives. Ethics or moral philosophy refers to the field of thinking that deals with aspects of right and wrong behavior (Fieser, 2014). Consequently, ethical behavior in engineering refers to those actions that are in accordance with the ethical principles. In other words, ethical behavior is a moral behavior. The utilitarian, libertarian, and deontological ethical theories are some of the three types of ethics or ethical philosophy that apply to business operations. Utilitarian, libertarian, and deontological ethical theories often aim at minimizing harm to the recipient. This paper applies ethics and moral principles to the General Motors’ case.

  11. Obesity essay topics


    1. Introduction
    1. Definition of obesity
    2. Statistics of obesity
    3. Thesis statement
    1. Background
    1. Reasons why the body stores adipose tissue
    1. Buffering starvation
    2. Buffering stochasticity
    3. Adaptation to cold
    4. Growth
    5. Buffering brain
    6. Reproduction
    7. Immunity
    8. Psychological stress
    9. Sexual selection
    1. Evolution and obesity
    1. Developmental and epigenetic pathways
    1. Developmental mechanisms
    1. Mismatch pathway
    1. Prenatal nutrition
    2. Stresses that influence change in developmental trajectory
    1. Fetal or infant over-nutrition
    1. Epigenetic mechanisms
    1. Genetics and obesity
    1. Thrifty genotype
    2. Thrifty phenotype
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  12. Nearing Death Awareness essay

    Anyone who has interacted with a dying person moments or days before his or her death will attest to the fact that most the victims exhibit unusual behaviors that involve seeing non-existent being and things, besides talking in a manner that cannot be easily comprehended. Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley are hospice nurses who have interacted with numerous dying patients in their homes and hospitals.  The last section of their book Final Gifts: Understanding the Special Awareness, Needs, and Co talks about “Nearing Death Awareness” where they share their experiences with people whose deaths are imminent. This paper presents my reflection to Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley assertions after reading chapters 10, 11, 12, and 13 of their book.  

  13. Topics for Christian religious studies papers

    Religuous Studies Expert Selection for Seminary Students

    Topic 1

    A human person as a rational being, endowed with purpose and responsibility in life is more significantly as well a dignified being. The dignity of a human being is rooted in the worthiness of life, the inscribed natural law, and actually being designed as a fundamental course of human proliferation. In implication then, sexual intercourse is one holistic activity for humanity; because of the purpose, it is associated with, that is, procreation. Sexual intercourse and as proscribed by the natural law is a dignified act, one that continues the fundamental act of creation. Therefore, the Christian moral perspective regarding sexual intercourse as a holistic activity is founded on its basic purpose in creation.

  14. Exegetical paper application essay: Meaning of Love Based On Deus Caritas Est

    The New Testament dwells on the subject of Love, for which many exegetical papers have been written on particular passages. Help me write my exegetical paper online? Students of theology need to find someone to do their paper online from time to time. Such online writing experts can help a student understand the scripture better. Exegesis consists of literary analysis, illumine the meaning, focus the meaning, mechanical analysis among other perspectives as the professor may choose to instruct the student to write. Apart from the exegetical approach, the professor often requires theology students to write essays on important themes in the scripture. For example, the professor may ask students to talk about the theme of the Love of God, meaning, the love that God has for His creation. An important reference that a student can utilize in the paper is the authoritative publications by religious figures such as the pope. The following is the Pope’s opinion on God’s Love.

  15. Nursing practice paper: Art Therapy and Children with Autism

    Nursing practice may often involve taking care of people with autistic spectrum of disorders. Autism is a wide variety of disorders that cause a wide range of disabilities. The degree to which an autistic person needs nursing care is dependent on the degree to which the autistic disorder has affected function. Secondly and most importantly, there are different nursing therapies that can be used to improve motor and neural function in autistic children, one of them being Art therapy. As such, nursing master’s students, university nursing students, and college nursing students may need someone to help with nursing paper on this topic online. The following is a writer’s view of Art therapy for autistic children.

  16. Nursing essay topics, examples, and samples

    Nursing essay topics are some of the hardest stuff for any student out there. Nursing is based on continuous research and for this reason, nurses have to complete hundreds of nursing care reports in order to qualify. Many of the nursing papers are difficult. When the instructor wants to test the students’ abilities in nursing practice, they can make the students write assignments on difficult nursing topics. You can have a writer to suggests a topic for nursing assignments online. It is not easy when your supervisor tells you to work on new nursing proposals that you cannot find anywhere on the internet. This is why nursing writing help may be a good idea for those seeking masters level writing for nursing school.

    Nursing examples

    Cautionary tales of students who look for online databases for papers that have already been done are about the internet. This is how one gets in trouble for the database owner can sell a written nursing report to one or several more people.  A true nursing paper writer must use peer reviewed journals, books, and even primary research data to write good reports.

  17. Writing an autobiography: The example of the yellow wallpaper by charlotte Perkins Gilman

    An autobiography and the biography are enduring descriptions of personal life and experiences that one can immortalize in form of written text. The example of Charlotte Gilman’s expression of her perspective of women’s life during her time is an example of how such writing can store an experience permanently. In most cases, people look for help to write a biography. This is why it lacks the suffix “auto”. For a biography, it is necessary to find someone to do biography paper and then make an agreement on how to share revenue from the sale of the book. When you pay someone to write a biography, you acknowledge that writing is outsourced. In contrast, when you do an autobiography, the work is acknowledged as your own writing and words. In many cases, an autobiography writer hires an editor to make corrections to the paper. In reality, the editor is sometimes a paid writer or co-writer. Regardless, an autobiography must capture a true picture of life experiences regardless of whether you hire someone to write or just pay someone to type. The following is the plot and an analysis of the renowned autobiography example.

    The Yellow Wallpaper is an autobiography of sorts by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. In the story, she describes how women suffering from nervous disorders were treated during her time. Her physician prescribed the then famous rest cure, where the patient was required to refrain from working and thinking (Kessler 2). The story also shows the position assigned to women during this time; they were expected to have childlike obedience and submission to male authority figures.

  18. Retirement and Care Centre: Writing nursing report for my internship program experiences

    I volunteered at St John of God Retirement and Care centre, a nursing home that is located at 2468 S. St. Andrews in Los Angeles California.  St John's is an assisted living facility that offer care services such as care for patients with Alzheimer’s, independent living, continued care, and assisted living to elderly people. It also provides medical  nursing assistance for elderly with serious illnesses or disabilities. The care centre operates for twenty-four hours a day, and the services are delivered by qualified registered nurses, certified nurse aids, and some volunteers.

  19. Child abuse paper writer

    Why do we need to study and write about child abuse in America and the world? Child abuse is a common problem around the world, simply because children are a very vulnerable population. Child abuse presents in many variations in many different settings. Some of the common child abuse instances are child abuse by a caregiver cases. A wide range of variations of other settings where children are abused include abuse by random strangers, abuse by close relatives other than parents, child abuse in times of war, child abuse by other children, and child abuse in the school setting. Child abuse is encouraged by factors such as poverty, dysfunctional family settings, and low level of education of the parents, and cases where children suffer one or more physical or mental disabilities. In the United States, child abuse is a widespread problem whose prevalence is probably much more than is acknowledged because of the stigma and difficulty of reporting associated with the victims.


    Even though child abuse is common in the United States, my direct experience with child abuse is limited to mild cases. I have often witnessed cases where due to lack of education and dysfunctional family setting, children are abused with little awareness of the caregiver and the child. In single parent families that are created by failed marriages or children born out of wedlock, the ensuing conflict between the parents often causes deprivation of parental care, misplaced retaliation, misplaced anger, and even gradual loss of ability to provide parental care in some cases, which amounts to child abuse. Some more severe forms of child abuse I have witnessed are child labor and neglect. In one case, I witnessed a single parent lock children in the house for long hours a day while away. In the period the parent is away, the older of the children in the household took care of the younger children. This is a serious case of child abuse involving physical neglect, emotional neglect, and child labor. The habit of locking children in the house was so frequent that the neighboring families had to report the parent to the Department of Social Services. This is one but an example of many cases of child abuse where the child may not understand the gravity of deprivation and abuse they are subjected to. To a third party, evidence of such abuse often difficult to detect in the children because it only manifests as behavioral problems in the adolescence and adult stages of life.

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  20. Online help with nursing papers

    Creativity and ability to do research is an important part of nursing. As a nursing practitioner it is absolute important that you be able to do research while at work in order to know more about the practice and in order to include any discovery or observation in the wealth of knowledge for other nursing practitioners or aspiring students. If you cannot write you own nursing paper but you have ideas on what you want the paper to be about, you can have online help with nursing papers on some exclusive nursing thesis writing websites. If you want to write my essay, the best thing is to do research on the most reliable people for writing your paper. You have several options when it comes to having your paper written online. You can choose to buy a prewritten paper from which you can reference when writing. This type of paper may be available for free on an academic website. The other alternative is that you can have someone write an outline for your nursing paper.

  21. Online graduate nursing research paper help: Order one

    When students want to order a nursing paper, they are challenged by the current lack of websites to do research papers in health care. This has been an ongoing problem since 2010 when the writing industry was consolidated under a few Ukrainian based companies that offer general essay writing services. When Indians, Ukrainians, Russians, and other eastern Europeans were hired to do research papers, nursing students began having a problem with getting someone to write their paper. While eastern European can be good at sciences and technical subjects, language becomes a big problem for them.

    Online Nursing Writing Help

    For a few years, it was assumed that the esl writers in eastern Ukraine could do very well in English based on the fact that they were European. Soon, it was noticeable to teachers in European and American academies and universities, that foreign students had very bad English. In nursing schools, it was apparent that language deficiencies in written essays could not allow students become above par healthcare professionals. For one, healthcare experts need to be able to describe what they observe with pinpoint accuracy.  For this reason, nursing students need someone skilled to write their paper, more so at graduate level where a panel of experts evaluate the students for their ability to generate stories

  22. Online Library for Students Study: Tools to write a paper

    The online library is an important tool for research for independent studies and for learning. Students are encouraged to use the library for their studies because it is considered to be one of the most resourceful documentations of knowledge. However, it is arguable whether the online library is as important as the academic realm considers it to be. In the modern world, many tools for study on the internet and research have been developed, and they are slowly replacing the library as a source of research material. Despite the development of new research tools, the online writing library remains unique since it contains documented material that cannot be altered. The library where you can buy a paper is one of the oldest proven tools for study that students are still encouraged to use for most of their research.

  23. How to write drama or a play: Get help to write a play

    Drama writing is a tough one for any English language students. For those that are not good at languages, it is easy for them to choose other courses other than drama and play writing. No such option for those that are foreign and need help with their drama paper. A student has to get help to interpret a play. Rather than do all these things poorly in hope that the teacher will understand the situation, its best to hire someone to do a drama paper. It is well known that such papers have the potential to make a student fail a class for no good reason. In the following discussion, a foreign student, Harry Mathew, gives an expert opinion on how someone who is not too good at writing can approach such a paper.

  24. Online help with nursing papers

    Creativity and ability to do research is an important part of nursing. As a nursing practitioner it is absolute important that you be able to do research while at work in order to know more about the practice and in order to include any discovery or observation in the wealth of knowledge for other nursing practitioners or aspiring students. If you cannot write you own nursing paper but you have ideas on what you want the paper to be about, you can have online help with nursing papers on some exclusive nursing thesis writing websites. If you want to write my essay, the best thing is to do research on the most reliable people for writing your paper. You have several options when it comes to having your paper written online. You can choose to buy a prewritten paper from which you can reference when writing. This type of paper may be available for free on an academic website. The other alternative is that you can have someone write an outline for your nursing paper.

  25. To do a Persuasive Essay on Community College Students

    We live in world where success is predominately dependent on the amount of knowledge that one harbors. This is because world is fast transforming into knowledge-based economy from the traditional manufacturing economy. This notion extensively underscores the importance of colleges as well as other institutions of higher learning. It further underscores reasons for students to pay to have research paper done online.

    Community college essay

    At the same time, the scarcity of knowledge based jobs has resulted into a stiff competition in placement with only the best candidates being able to land the few available placements. It also important to note that name of the institution from which one graduates also affects one’s employability. However, online writer can do papers for any student. This implies that the need for good college grades and securing a place in an institution with an impeccable rating with regards to producing employable students as perceived by employers is of much import in the current world.  Good grades are only achieved when students can write a good essay.

  26. Explaining to Foreign students how to get someone to write your essay online

    As I am writing this reflective essay, I still cannot say that my craft of writing has become perfect. In fact, I think that no one will ever take writing to perfection. At the same time, I feel that my writing has changed considerably. I learned how to write research papers, essays, position papers and more. Now I know many new techniques, which I can apply for my works. Though there was a large amount of work during the course, I look back with a smile. All the efforts are rewarded, as now I can write effective papers. Not only do I know how to express my ideas, analyze peer-reviewed sources, and identify several arguments, but I concentrated on improving punctuation, grammar, and appropriate APA and MLA formats as well. Any expert on cheap website will do this for you.

  27. The perfect writer | get help with your paper

    People say the perfect writer is Mark Twain, others say that the perfect writer is George Orwell, but aren’t there people who don’t think Mark Twain and George Orwell are good writers? Certainly, there are. A perfect writer is that who communicates the best, entertains the best, passes the message the best, and whose intended message is the highlight of his/her writing. For example, the writer of the declaration of independence, Thomas Jefferson is hailed as the best writer that could have taken up that task. In the same way, there couldn’t be a better writer for that document. In the same logic, neither Homer nor Plato could have written that document better. For academic essays, the perfect writer is that who makes proper references for the paper. The perfect writer is that who keeps the teacher or the professor interested in the paper. It is important to remember that these people are human and will be annoyed by small mistakes such as typos and omissions. For this reason, the perfect writer is that who takes care not to make too many mistakes in the paper. The perfect writer is that who proofreads all his/her work. The perfect writer is that who looks for an interesting topic so as not to bore anyone with the usual stories. And let’s not forget, the perfect writer is that who gets A.

  28. How I Wrote My Research Paper

    Writing a research paper can seem intimidating, more so to those who are doing it for the first time. However, I was determined to give it my best shot despite the magnitude of the daunting task that lay ahead of me. I began by selecting a topic that I was comfortable writing about. After much contemplation, I decided to write on “The Impact of Social Isolation on Children’s Social Behavior and Development”. The logical step that came to mind was to browse the Internet and collect credible sources that matched my topic. While picking out my sources, I kept in mind that the quality and usefulness of the sources would have to be my primary concern. In order to do so, I defined the scope of my paper and decided to cover the aspects of Social Isolation, Adjustment Problems, Language Development, Health Effects,  and Lack of Cognitive Growth. After deciding upon the problem that I would be addressing, I decided to formulate the type of sources that I would require and that would best suit my study. It seemed only coherent that I picked only academic and scholarly sources for my paper so that the credibility be maintained. Next, I extensively searched the web for articles, journals, and other related material.

  29. Get your paper done online | what is the role of cheap technology in education?

    According to John Holt, it is essential to get the children out of the schools and give them an opportunity to learn about the world in a more interactive manner than sitting in a class environment. However, Holt also concludes that, it is of importance to consider introducing the world of custom writing to the children in the school environment. In some parts of the world, children are lacking access to quality education and being taught by a qualified professional. In providing students with an interactive relationship with the world, individual research interviews and online research provide a medium, which students can apply in identifying with the world in the classroom environment. Therefore, this essay provides a discussion on the roles that the technology plays in education and finding cheap online paper writing company.

    Technology research writing has been embraced in the modern society in every aspect of human lives. The topic ‘The Effect of Technology in Education,’ however, focuses on the impact that the evolution of systems and the adoption of technology into the education system has caused to the students (Jain 2). Technology has been in the forefront of inventions, lessening business, and improving the systems in different departments, which prompts the experience of identifying the steps that technology has influenced in education. Prior to conducting the interview, less information about the impact of technology on education was at my disposal. Additionally, the need to know about the impact of technology on education forms the purpose of accomplishing the I-search process. The interviewee was contacted through email, which was identified from my high school website. Since an email does not provide an immediate response from the recipient, it took some time to get a response and arrange for an interview custom written online. The interviewee, teacher Aggie Siu provided information on the effect of technology on the education system. Considering the experience in the use of technology in her class sessions the interview session aimed to provide information on the different effects that technology has influenced in education.

  30. College level writing: Getting online writer to help with my paper

    In high school, English papers were not written. All the papers were written in Arabic because my native language was Arabic. That does not mean English writing did not get studied. Before starting school at Indiana State, I took English classes for a year. In the English classes that I took, I write many papers and I cannot even remember how many they were. In fact, at the beginning they were so difficult because I lacked good language to write a paper. Later on, there was an improvement. I questioned myself each time the teaCollege online writer companycher said, "We are now going to write a great paper." I dreaded writing and never truly gave my writing any thought. Be that as it may, as I got into college, I knew I would become doled out various measures of papers. As I strolled into the English classroom the first day of my English classes, I was frightened. I thought I would not proceed because I thought I could not compose anything.


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