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Essays on custom paper writing

  1. Teachers, students communicating effectively in the classroom

     Communication is an important activity, which enables exchange of ideas and, therefore, development. Due to the significance of the activity or process, to avoid generalization, the term is further divided into poor communication and effective communication. Poor communication results when there is a discord between what the sender intended to convey and the interpretation of the recipient. In other words, there is misunderstanding between the parties involved. Effective communication is a result of training and attentiveness. There is no discord in the exchange of ideas between the sender and recipient; this is determined by appropriate feedback from the recipient. In an academic setting, communication affects the learning and teaching processes. Poor communication may result if the teacher does not express him/herself correctly, there is noise or interference, the students do not understand the words used, and so on. For many years, instructors have known that for effective communication and learning to occur, the class must be quiet or orderly, they must speak slowly and clearly, and use simple or common terms. The outcome is even better when the learning experience is engaging. This requires dialogue between the teacher and students so that everyone remains attentive. Effective communication does not only utilize words but also body language. Teachers must show enthusiasm in class and be able to know, by observation, if a student is confused or alert (Boye, 2014). Eye contact, therefore, is crucial.

  2. Adult Literacy in Education and paper writing

    Adult literacy paper writing can be categorized into two broad classes. One class concerns adult literacy for those people who have not gotten sufficient education to read and write in their formative years. Alternatively, adult literacy paper writing can concern people who are unable to communicate in speaking, reading and writing while they are past elementary education. On the other hand, a second category of adult literacy essays is for those who are literate in other languages, but cannot communicate in a particular language, which is essential to their objectives.

    When these students need their paper written it is just a matter of seeking writing help online using correct methods.

  3. A good presentation: How to make sure you order good presentation article

    To write a good presentation, the writer must understand the audience or the person that did order the paper. Presentation can be for many purposes. Sometimes, the purpose may be to deliver a speech for a church function or to deliver a speech in a seminar sitting. Regardless, you can have someone on the internet to write a good presentation in a short time.

  4. Paper writing techniques and methods of constructing argument by a good writer

    Writers use various rhetorical techniques to effectively relay messages to audiences. To be able to judge the effectiveness of a piece of literature, a reader must be conduct a rhetorical analysis of the piece and identify the rhetorical techniques employed in creating it. Writers often use appeals and stylistic devices, in complementary fashion, as the rhetorical techniques for making their non-fiction works persuasive. Sherman Alexie employed these rhetorical techniques in the article, “Indian Education”, to shed light on the poor state of education and low living standards in Indian reservations in the hope of prompting the Indian and American community at large to initiate change. “Indian Education” is an excellent example of a piece of literature that successfully utilizes rhetorical techniques to deliver the author’s message effectively

  5. A typist to help me write my paper

    A typist may not necessarily write your paper, but can hire one to put your paper down in well written and formatted text. Many people still write books in handwriting, and they needs a typist to turn the paper into neat pages of text. Older people and veteran authors are some of the personalities likely to hire a typist for their paper. Postgraduate papers for publishing in journals and online bookstores also need a typist that can write in pure English. One of the mistakes people make while looking for a typist is forgetting that the cultural background of the audience to read the typed paper. A native English speaker needs the paper typist to be a native English speaker. An English Second language reader needs to have the paper written by a native language speaker or a second language speaker. Not all typists are equal and the best typist are found right here.

  6. How can I find someone to type my essay for me

    Can you type a 10 page essay in a few hours. Most students are unable to type an essay on time because they are not fast enough in typing. Fast term paper typers are not born but are made. In order to become a fast essay typer, you need hundreds if not thousands of hours of typing. Many students do not have as much typing hours in experience. As such, they need to find someone to “type an essay for me” or “type my paper for me”. Writers online that can type a paper quickly have done many essays for so many times that typing is never a problem for them.

    High school paper typers are especially important because high school students are beginning to learn how to type in large volumes. Unlike the olden days of the mechanical type writer that called for an expert typist, these days, children are exposed to computers very early in their lives and by the time they are in high school, they feel that they are good enough essay typers. Well, its fine for them when they paper to be typed is only a 1000 word paper or a short essay. When times comes to type a term a paper the high school student realizes that it takes much more to type a long paper, and an expert to type a research paper becomes even more important. This problem becomes lesser and lesser significant at college and university, nevertheless papers grow equally longer and tougher. For this reason, college and university students still want someone to type an essay quickly. Imagine a PhD student or a masters student who wants a 3000 word essay typed, while there is no time to do it. The only solution is to look for someone online to type the assignment.

  7. Resume writing services for graduates

    There are many graduate levels for which you may want to have a resume written. Many young people are high school graduates that have to write their resumes in order to enter a prestigious private college or to get hired to a job. All good jobs require that graduates are able to present themselves well. For this reason, high school graduates, college graduates, university graduates and even people with post graduate degrees have to write good resumes to be considered for a job position …. But do people know how to write resumes? Many people are unaware that resumes are changing papers that follow the perpetual metamorphosis of culture and trends. For example, resumes of the past have for a long time asked applicants to identify their gender as either male or female. In fact, some job application forms have often required people to fill black spaces or mark boxes that only identify the only two traditional genders. In contrast, today’s resumes may not ask the applicant to make such gender assignments. In fact, it is likely for an applicant to be disqualified from consideration for job position based on the fact of having identified gender. Gender is today consider fluid and non-essential attribute in work environment. Whether this theory is true or not is not important. Unless otherwise asked, applicants should avoid having their gender bias showing in their resumes. Why? It might be offensive to show inclination to favor any particular gender of to consider a particular gender lesser. This is only one example of how resume writing can be tricky business for graduates, who must then find resume writing services that can write good enough resumes to find a well paying job.

    Resume Writers Online

    Resume writers must know what attributes each kind of a job puts emphasis on. A nursing job will obviously put emphasis on empathy and the desire to help, all of which must be expressed as natural attributes of the applicant. On the other hand, writing a resume for and engineer must involve expressing skills, experience and achievements as personal attributes of the applicant. Similarly, a diplomat must emphasize the ability to persuade people in order to write a good resume. You need to look for a resume writer online where you will find a variety of affordable services for resume writing. Many of these companies offer exorbitant prices, but you can easily find a few that are reasonable in their pricing. Alternative to writing resume services online are resume builders that are really software systems that allow a standard resume to be automatically  built out of a an applicant’s entries. Resume builders are cheap, but offer neither the requisite quality nor versatility to adapt to each applicants needs, which are for most of the part very unique. A resume builder resume is unlikely to be shortlisted for interview, while a resume built by online resume experts will guarantee the applicant an entry into the shortlist. Finally, there are resume templates that many applicants use to learn how to build resumes. Resume templates online are a beginner’s thing. Graduates should only use resume templates to learn and not to write real resumes. Applications can be made easier by online resume experts, but can be made more difficult by resume templates and resume builders, however cheap they may be. We may want to point out a warning that sample resumes should not be submitted as own work. A resume is written once at every stage in a career, and sample resumes should just remain samples.


  8. A good presentation: Delivery analysis of Steve Jobs’ speech

    A good presentation makes the audience value the conveyed message. For a presentation to be effective, the speaker has to engage the right subjects. In addition, the delivery of the presentation must be made in the right mood and tone for it to be effective. Happy and somber events require different types of presentations. In addition, the subjects discussed at an event should be carefully selected to match the interest of the audience. Gestures employed in delivering the presentation must reflect the attitude of the presenter. Steve Jobs commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005 is an example of a reflective presentation that achieves its objectives. Despite a few flaws, the subject, tone, gestures, and attitude evident in Job’s speech make a significant impact on the audience.

  9. An Essay on the Value of Education | written online

    Education constitutes one of the basic activities of human beings in every society. It started with the birth of the human race and will continue existing until their extinction. Most people view education as a formal process of acquiring knowledge that takes place in a class environment. Education is a process that starts right at birth. It is not a process that is limited to teaching people basic academics like mathematics, history, computer or geography. It is a much wider term. Education can be considered as a process of discovering new things that a person was not previously aware of and increasing knowledge. Education carries people to greatness. It is an essential thing in life because it empowers people with knowledge, enables them to contribute to the society, earn money, and be independent.

                The term “education” originated from Latin word “educate” which means to “bring up.” The use of the term “education” should, therefore, not be limited to the process of imparting knowledge to pupils in some specific subjects. It is a wholesome process of developing a child by training them in habits and attitudes that nurture them to success and ability to face the future life with confidence. According to Plato, education is a process that is meant to develop all the beauty and perfection that a child is capable of, both in the body and soul. In short, Plato implied that it is a process of developing both a sound mind and a sound body. Education aims at developing all the faculties of man, especially the mind, so as to appreciate the contemplation of supreme goodness, truth, and beauty, which contribute to perfect happiness.

  10. Racial Equality in schools, colleges, and universities in America

    It was after the landmark decree of 1954 known as Brown v. the Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, that African Americans were granted access to institutions with predominantly white population. Prior to this, African Americans had shown great potential in HBCUs and hence this desegregation was purposed to see many of them enroll in large numbers and graduate at the same rate as their counterparts from predominantly white institutions (Davis 518). This would be so as the decree accorded them equal rights in a bid to further their education. However, the number of black students who graduate from colleges is still considered disproportionate as compared to their white counterparts. This has been attributed to several factors.

      One of the major challenges as educator assert is the incompatibility of the African American population with the model of education established in these predominantly white institutions academically, economically and culturally.  The standards set in these institutions such as high GPA’s and standardized test scores prove too difficult of a task to handle for these students. On the other hand, the white students are at an advantage as they have been culturally assimilated and most are financially stable and can cater for the rising cost of education (Allen, Epps, and Haniff 54).

  11. How to know trustworthy writing services

    Trustworthy writing services

    The number one measure of the trustworthiness of a website for writing papers online is the ability of the writers to avoid plagiarism. A trustworthy writing service has writers who are able to do their research well and write in an original manner that does not put the student’s academic reputation in jeopardy. There are many ways a writer can turn your paper into a bad case of plagiarism. The most common route to arriving at academic dishonesty if a writer that does not have the skills to present an idea in own words. This kind of a writer unwillingly plagiarizes writing and ideas that are well known to belong to other people.  Picture a writer who tries to explain something from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet sometimes repeating Shakespeare’s words verbatim and without quotes and citation. The writer does not intend to copy in this way, but the paper eventually appears copied.

    The second form of plagiarism usually executed by custom writing companies is sale of papers that have already been sold to another customer. This is usually obvious when the papers are too cheap and readily available. How can a 10 page paper be done within 15 minutes while we know that it takes at least 8 hours to type 3000 words? These are some of the clues that a company is not trustworthy. This final form of plagiarism is caused by the irresponsibility of online writing companies and writers in the quality control process. A writer’s plagiarism fault during the writing process should be identified by the company quality control system. However, in some companies, quality control is left to the writer.  In a bid to complete more papers than usual, some writers will copy and paste information from sources into their papers and then attempt to mask it with a few additional words. If the quality control department of the writing website is nonexistent, this paper will eventually be flagged by the academic institution system as plagiarized and the student will be put before a disciplinary panel. It is therefore important to hire writers and companies that have a tight quality control system in order to be confident about its trustworthiness.

  12. Why many Saudi Arab students study in the United States: Seeking a better future

    Over the years, institutions of higher education in the United States have being ranked among the top and best in the world as a result of their exceptional education curriculum. Nations have been advocating for more of their student to seek education abroad through establishing scholarship programs to assist bright applicants financially as it is a costly affair. Among the countries whose number are India, China and South Korea. Saudi Arabia is also joining this bracket of countries campaigning for their students to apply for universities and colleges in the United States. The efforts were spear headed by former Saudi ruler, King Abdallah who started a scholarship program for Saudi students. The growing number of international students means that the United States has to put in mechanisms and measures to ensure that these foreign students receive proper treatment and equal educational opportunities as their counterparts. In this proposal, I will focus on the issue of the escalating number of Saudi scholars in the United States, the impact that it has had and the improvements or adjustments the hosting government should make in order to ensure that these foreign students get the education they seek.

    The Saudi Arabian government commissioned an agency called Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) to oversee programs and policies administered appropriately to its students studying abroad in the United States.  The agency was established in 1951 and doubles up as an intermediary between the United Sates institutions and their counterparts in the region. It focuses on issues pertaining education, culture and science. According to statistics from the agency, the number of Saudi students currently enrolled in American colleges and English Language Schools (ESL’s) amount to over 100,000 (Hausheer). In 2013 alone, there was a reported 30% increase in the number of fresh enrollments as compared to the previous year. It is obvious that this massive number of students has a notable effect especially culture wise when they return home (Hausheer). The Saudi Arabian culture is conservative. James Smith, who is the United States ambassador to Saudi Arabia notes that the increasing population of Saudi students in the West would hopefully be large enough to catalyze a positive change to the Nation’s conservative culture. He says that, “they have received a world-class education. As they now come home they will have the opportunity to shape the future development of the Kingdom and the future of the Saudi-American friendship” (Hausheer).

  13. How to Write an Essay at least 1000 words

    Why must it be a 1000 word essay? This is not some sort of a magic number, but it is the golden standard length by which many intermediate essays are assigned. The instructor will ask you to deliver a 1000 word essay +/-10% as the essay for exploration of a particular topic in depth. Before it is time to do an essay that is not less than 1000 words, the instructor will have asked the students to do a 500 word essay, which is usually two page paper. Regardless, in class, essay length is a function of word count because when the professor relies on page count, some students will play around with line spacing and font size to manipulate how the paper looks. 500 word papers are introductory essays that give the instructor and the student an idea of how well understood the topic is in class. This is an essay done very early in the course, where the professor tells the students to strictly answer a particular question or do a preliminary research on a particular subject. In a 500 word essay, students are hardly allowed to bring in any new ideas to the paper. In contrast, the 1000 word paper requires that the student be creative in developing a thesis driven 1000 essay. Most 500 word essays are five paragraph papers while 1000 word essays may have five paragraphs, but more commonly a little bit more. Students also make a mistake of doubling paragraphs every 500 words. Apart from 1000 word standard paper, there are other assignments that are less than 500 and 1000 words. These papers that include 300 word and 200 word short assignments are for continuous assessment of the student, a process highly regarded in developed education systems. 1000 word papers, or four page double spaced papers in ms word are a quite advanced and can even be part of a final assessment.

  14. College fear factor: Is college too much for me?

    The article The College Fear Factor written by David Moltz in 2009 is meant to summarize and analyze the namesake work created by Rebecca Cox, professor of education at Seton Hall University (Moltz). Cox interviewed more than 120 community college students in order to analyze the role of students today (Moltz).

    dont fear college

    The article tells the readers about the increasing gap between the faculty perception of college level coursework and the type of work young people are ready to do (Moltz). The gap evolves anxiety between educators and students and may activate student insecurity, panic and disorder (Moltz). Young people arrive at college without awareness of what is anticipated of them and how to meet those expectations. However, being not ready to correspond expectations is not the same thing as being incapable to correspond them (Moltz). When students fail to ask questions or look for help, an educator can think that the student is not motivated to study (Moltz). According to the article, to enhance learning, institutions should create reliability by revealing proficiency; explain expectations concerning the final aims; and encourage confidence in students’ own abilities (Moltz).

  15. Why those who dont like online writing websites are snowflakes

    custom writing companies are not bad

    Online writers are libraries that students consult whenever they encounter difficulties in writing their papers, but boy, the haters out there are so many.  Some people spend so many hours at public libraries and school libraries copying other people’s work, but are jealous of others who get writers to help with assignment online. Legit writing websites do not claim to sit in exams for students, but just do papers that students want to use for their own research. In fact, many websites go ahead to recommend that students should not submit custom written papers as homework. For all intents and purposes, it is the discretion of the student whether or not to use their paper for assignment submission. In these modern times, people learn online and do their homework online assisted by their parents and siblings. If this is acceptable, why not hire a professional custom writing company to help with the paper? Why are people who are non professionals help doing professional stuff. It is known that many of writing websites actually work for professionals who want their reports and reviews done. Custom writing companies handle ghost writing work, preparation of reports, tabulation of professional data, professional review of books, organization of information, and analysis of scientific phenomena among other assignments, and none of this work is bad. It is unfair for never-do-well snowflakes to focus so much on one or two students out there that were unable to use their research obtained from writing companies to increase their knowledge, and claim that honorable writers are doing illegal work. In the 50 years custom writing websites have been in operation, very many students have excelled in fields that matter. Many prominent sociologists, astronauts, engineers, and decorated military people are self confessed users of online writing websites. People who do not want to use available means to become skilled professionals should let others move ahead and utilize innovation.

  16. How to find fast writers for my paper

    How to offload your homework very fast online? The best way to do your papers secretly and fast is to look for a fast writer online to do your paper. Students are unable to get someone to help with their thesis paper fast or their dissertation fast because they need privacy about how they write their papers and essays. The solution to this lack of privacy is to hire a writer who can do the paper fast online. There are many websites that offer fast writing services, but many of them may have their writers ask for extensions in order to complete the paper. Why does this happen? Among the companies that do have fast writers online, only a few can afford to give writers one assignment at a time. When every writer has a queue of many papers and many of the papers are urgent and need to be done fast, there tends to be delays. In companies that do student papers quickly each writer is a signed a single urgent paper. In another scenario a urgent 20 page thesis paper or urgent 30 page dissertation may need to be written fast or even overnight. This is not very realistic, but with the right specialist, it is possible to have it written in 24 hours or even several days. A good website would rather have two experts do one paper than deny you the opportunity to turn in your paper fast.

  17. Where can I get someone to do my engineering paper fast

    When writing is mentioned, engineering or any other STEM courses are the last thing to come to mind. Engineering students do not usually think of their assignments as writing homework. However, in many engineering courses, majority of the work is writing because students have to write reports about their engineering projects. Aeronautical engineering is particularly a course strict about how papers are done. Since engineers are mathematicians, it is never easy for some of them to complete writing assignment for engineering classes. At the end of every semester, it is customary for engineering professors to design a test for their students in form of a final project. It is this project that proves to the faculty of engineering or the school of engineering that the student is developing in the right way.  Engineers, including engineering students, are good mathematicians, but are never good essay writers.

    Engineering Writing

    It is necessary for them to hire a paper writer for their engineering project for every semester. An even more challenging task is the engineering project they undertake as the final test for their degree. This project is long and it involves big writing project as well as design and mathematics. Clever students always outsource engineering paper writing to reliable writing services in order to reduce the overwhelming workload.

  18. Who can do my book report for affordable price

    Book reports might be done for various reasons, some of them professional and some of them academic. Why do students and professionals order book report? Book reports help with creating professional book reviews. Picture a situation where a renowned author is called on to review someone else’s work. What does he do? Does he spend months reading the book, taking notes and trying to breakdown the authors intention? The best solution to pay someone online to do a book report. It is from this report written online that the reviewer can pick points to write a short review on the book. When it comes to college students, university students and masters students, book reports are a necessary part of literature courses. At one time or another, the professor for literature course will want a book report written.

    Affordable Book Report Writing

    In many cases, the report is handed in at the end of the semester, when the student has read the book to be reviewed many times over and understood every bit about the book. it is not always possible to have such unwavering dedication to a single book for a student who probably has over five courses to think about and complete assignments on. Consequently, it becomes necessary to pay for book report online on an affordable but good quality company.

  19. Assessment tools that a teacher might use instead of an assignment

    Assessment tools are important as they help an instructor to determine the learning needs of the learner. An appropriate assessment tool helps the teacher to determine the ability, state of knowledge, attitude or interest of a defined group of learners in a specific subject (Ackerman & Barnett, 2005). The teacher, therefore, has to have knowledge of the important issues that are faced by learners for them to design an effective learning program. Different types of assessment tools are specifically targeted for a particular group of learners. In schools, the assessment tools are developed depending on the age of the learner (Cole et al, 2000). The assessment tools used to evaluate the education needs of middle school learners will not be the same as the assessment tools designed for grade 1 or kindergarten children. In developing my assessment tool, I focused on grade and gender of the learners. My assessment tool was primarily meant to evaluate grade 1 learners of both sexes.

  20. Pay someone to review a book

    Book reviews are some of the most difficult assignments because the student has to read the book and write a detailed review of the author’s perspective.  In order to write a book review for me, the student has to read the book and identify the formal elements of the author’s expression. In addition, cultural elements and author’s personal style are the other elements that might be necessary in making a good book review. Formal elements might not be obvious because some of them might be hidden by the cultural influences in the book.

    book review help

    Finally, most modern books are long and contain a few good ideas among many others that are mundane and inconsequential. Imagine having to do a book review due next week, or a book review due tomorrow? How can I read 300 pages of a book in order to do a book review? This is where students find the need to find an online writer for book review. Unless the instructor wants a review of a book chapter, students might have to seek someone to help with a book review online.

  21. Comparing real life experience with academic learning experience

    There is no end to education. It is not that one reads books passes examination, and he marks the end of training. This is a statement that was said by one of India’s philosophers. Life is a learning process, from the moment one is born to the time of death. A statement that clearly depicts the feeling that is very clear as far as learning is concerned. Learning is an activity that every human being is going to go through throughout his or her life. Many people are enrolled in schools to gain knowledge, however, others gain that knowledge through the life experiences that they encounter in their lives. Through either method, one ends up educated with enough experience to engage in everyday activities. It however begs the question what would be the most effective way of learning.

  22. Pay someone to do my part for group assignment

    When students look or help with their research writing, it is usually a private affair between the writer and the student. Is this always the case? Sometimes professors suspect students of unscrupulous methods of completing assignments. For this, they device clever methods of giving homework so that the students do not get any help from outside their own minds. What do they do? The professors give their students group assignments. There are two ways students are asked to do group work but their instructors. In one approach, the professor can ask each student to complete their part in the group assignment. This is the best approach for a student who wants someone to “do my part of group assignment online”. For that student, they can hire a writer for group assignment to complete their part in the group work. Alternatively, the professor can decide to say that the group must complete the assignments collectively. Each student will have to participate in completion of every part. What do you do with such a group assignment?

  23. Benefits of Group Work and Extracurricular Activities in Universities

    Group work and extracurricular activities are important for learning in the universities as they empower students with extra skills, which cannot be acquired through instructor-led discussions and traditional lectures. Most instructors recognize the importance of assigning students with tasks to perform in groups. Universities have also placed a lot of emphasis on extra-curricular activities by requiring every student to be, at least, a member of two clubs or societies upon joining the universities.


    These measures serve to illustrate the growing importance of group work and extra-curricular activities to the overall development of a student.

  24. How can money help me write a paper?

    Can students get papers for money from trusted places. We have many students who want to have papers for money , but they do not know where to pay in order to have experts send a paper for money cheaply. Many scams have emerged promising students to deliver papers in a few minutes. True to their word, once paid, the companies send a nice looking research paper for money to the students email. Where is the catch? Why would students pay money for essay if there are companies sending nice papers for so little. A student once narrated how she bought a paper for money on a random website. Soon after submitting it, the paper was flagged for plagiarism of another student’s paper. Consequently, the student was suspended for violating guidelines on academic integrity. This is the story of many other people who have paid as little as a few bucks for a paper already written. These research paper databases sell the papers for little money, but make sure they sell one paper to as many clients as possible. This is how the students end up with problems with her professor. Why is it difficult for the student to ask for money back or to deal with the criminal website. It is because the student cannot admit to the controversial practice of buy project or buy research paper for money kind of behavior. The consequences for making such an admission are far more serious and undesirable.

  25. Writing papers in English: Language and Asian immigration experience

    Integration into a new culture dictates that one learns the new language and writing. In so many instances language has been used to persecute the secondary users. It has in so many ways been able to wipe the new societies culture clean making the new culture to hold on to glimpses of their once existing culture. The paper looks at the poem “Into such assembly” and the narrative “The stubborn twig” while trying to put focus on this theme of language and writing and its effects on culture.

    Myung Mi Kim’s poem covers the position of the immigrant writers in the new nation. The poem puts more emphasis on the aspects of English writers in the United States with relations to Koreans students. The poem looks at the aspect of acquiring citizenship that the immigrant students undergo. The Korean culture has been integrated into the American life, yet the use of language has been used to integrate the existence of these two cultures (Lim 513). Language at time has been associated with humiliation, isolation, and silent mockery that have been linked to those using it as a second language. Looking at this poem, it would be noted that the language closes any chance of having attachment to the other side, which in this case would be a different culture in the following ways.

  26. Where to get free essays online

    Writing essay papers is the major part of college life, which makes many college students want someone to do a free essay for them online. Every students thinks that they have good ideas for their paper, but when time comes to make it a reality, things become tougher. You need a free essay to make your writing easier. You come here and get your free essay as there are dozens of them for every topic.  A free essay does not assure the student of a good grade because it is free and available for everyone. What is the closest to free essay on the internet? You can pay for an almost free essay online in our platform.

  27. Research paper topics on social paradigms

    Introduction to Social Paradigms: Assignment 4 Questions

    1. List five paradigms you currently belong to (try to be more specific – do not put “human being” or “woman” or “student”)
    1. Study of science courses paradigm, especially medicine and engineering’ where I have a conviction that people should study science courses in college because they are more factual and real than somewhat abstract courses such as philosophy
    2. ‘A protestant Christian denomination superiority paradigm’ where I disvalue other denominations such as Roman Catholic and Anglican churches
    3. ‘Political party paradigm’ where I have a fanatical following of a certain political party and deem it as the only one capable of good governance in my country
    4. ‘A professor’s credentials paradigm’ where I tend to respect lecturers with a pile study credentials (more than 2 degree, masters, and phd programs) as compared to those having one
    5. ‘A hip-hop phobia paradigm’ where I dislike hip-hop music plus hip-hop artists, seeing them as senseless, bizarre, vulgar, and cruel    

  28. Secret essay writer

    Sounds off? Right? Yes, everyone needs a paper written secretly by an online expert. Whether you are in college, university of high school, you must have that one Go-to place where you can get a secret paper done for you. But why would anyone need a secret essay done on the internet. There are more than enough reason s a student would want to have a secret paper done. Many of these reasons seem illegitimate, but this something that happens regularly for many American students. It might be controversial that some sites offer secret writing services, but they do it anyway. Where can I get my paper done secretly? You are right on that spot, controversies aside.  Take time to read why you would want a secret online writer.

    Secret Writer

    Read more on Secret essay writer >>

  29. Ethical Theories in engineering essay

    If you must write a paper on ethics, engineering is one topic you must deal with. The modern technological environment demands that engineers be able to point out good ethical behaviors in their work. It is therefore common to have engineering students write an essay on ethics in their final years. Engineering ethics paper writing must be perfect in order for an engineer to be considered fit for work in the field.

    Engineers all over the world understand the importance of ethics in both professional and nonprofessional lives. Ethics or moral philosophy refers to the field of thinking that deals with aspects of right and wrong behavior (Fieser, 2014). Consequently, ethical behavior in engineering refers to those actions that are in accordance with the ethical principles. In other words, ethical behavior is a moral behavior. The utilitarian, libertarian, and deontological ethical theories are some of the three types of ethics or ethical philosophy that apply to business operations. Utilitarian, libertarian, and deontological ethical theories often aim at minimizing harm to the recipient. This paper applies ethics and moral principles to the General Motors’ case.

  30. Obesity essay topics


    1. Introduction
    1. Definition of obesity
    2. Statistics of obesity
    3. Thesis statement
    1. Background
    1. Reasons why the body stores adipose tissue
    1. Buffering starvation
    2. Buffering stochasticity
    3. Adaptation to cold
    4. Growth
    5. Buffering brain
    6. Reproduction
    7. Immunity
    8. Psychological stress
    9. Sexual selection
    1. Evolution and obesity
    1. Developmental and epigenetic pathways
    1. Developmental mechanisms
    1. Mismatch pathway
    1. Prenatal nutrition
    2. Stresses that influence change in developmental trajectory
    1. Fetal or infant over-nutrition
    1. Epigenetic mechanisms
    1. Genetics and obesity
    1. Thrifty genotype
    2. Thrifty phenotype
    Read more on Obesity essay topics >>


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