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Academic papers according to levels

Research papers are some of the most critical academic assignments in modern education systems. Research work is done at all levels of education. However, junior students in high schools may write simple research papers while university level students write longer and more complex papers. For this reason, preparing to write a paper for advanced level academia requires more time and extensive exploration of scholarly information. These differences do not mean that a high school research paper cannot be demanding.

Factors affecting nature of research papers

There are several reasons a student may find research papers a challenging task. If a student has a crash course for one reason or another, academic papers become difficult to complete given other activities and responsibilities that the student has. Consequently, the written research paper may be of a much lower quality than expected, or it might not be complete altogether. Similarly, if such a research paper is required on short notice, performance of the student is affected. In some cases, a student may not be well acquainted with the English language that is the primary mode of communication in modern scholarly documentation. Such a student can only write a high quality research paper by asking for help from a reliable third party.

Size of research base

On the other hand, research papers may be easy to complete without rushing or working odd hours to complete a high quality academic paper. For example, if your professor requires you to write a research paper on a recent event or government policy issue such as healthcare insurance policy in the United States, or on the ISIS, Syria, Iraq and the Middle East crisis, the writing becomes easy. This ease of writing may not be experienced if a research paper on an obscure issue or undocumented events is required, scholarly articles and other materials for writing the academic paper become scarce.

Dealing with academic levels in writing

A doctoral level research paper is always a serious affair that requires that the student or the professional doing such documentation to allocate enough time for the writing. In such a professional level undertaking, primary research may have to be undertaken with the use of monetary resources. Alternatively, hypothetical data can be used for simulation is primary sources cannot be obtained. Simulation techniques and methodology has to be well understood and often unique to provide originality to the research paper. At senior and junior undergraduate level, research papers may requires similar effort, but the size and intensity of research done for the paper depends on the particular stage of studies. High school level research papers must also be equally thorough albeit usually shorter. On the contrary grade school students rarely write research papers.

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