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How to Write an Essay at least 1000 words

Where can I get help to write an essay not less than 1000 words

Why must it be a 1000 word essay? This is not some sort of a magic number, but it is the golden standard length by which many intermediate essays are assigned. The instructor will ask you to deliver a 1000 word essay +/-10% as the essay for exploration of a particular topic in depth. Before it is time to do an essay that is not less than 1000 words, the instructor will have asked the students to do a 500 word essay, which is usually two page paper. Regardless, in class, essay length is a function of word count because when the professor relies on page count, some students will play around with line spacing and font size to manipulate how the paper looks. 500 word papers are introductory essays that give the instructor and the student an idea of how well understood the topic is in class. This is an essay done very early in the course, where the professor tells the students to strictly answer a particular question or do a preliminary research on a particular subject. In a 500 word essay, students are hardly allowed to bring in any new ideas to the paper. In contrast, the 1000 word paper requires that the student be creative in developing a thesis driven 1000 essay. Most 500 word essays are five paragraph papers while 1000 word essays may have five paragraphs, but more commonly a little bit more. Students also make a mistake of doubling paragraphs every 500 words. Apart from 1000 word standard paper, there are other assignments that are less than 500 and 1000 words. These papers that include 300 word and 200 word short assignments are for continuous assessment of the student, a process highly regarded in developed education systems. 1000 word papers, or four page double spaced papers in ms word are a quite advanced and can even be part of a final assessment.

Is a 1000 word essay thesis driven?

write a 1000 word paper

In many 1000-word papers, the student is required to develop and support a thesis with at least three distinct ideas. These ideas may be placed in paragraphs one after another, or may actually be mixed, all dependent on the structure of the issue at hand. Thesis statement for a 1000 word essay is usually developed in the first paragraph. Preceding the thesis statement, the other ideas that are meant to arrive at the thesis statement are briefly stated. In the same order these ideas were stated, they are sequentially explained in the body of the paper. A major difference between how the ideas are handled in the introduction and in the body is that in the introduction, there is hardly any space for linkage of ideas, but in the body, the ideas must be linked together to confirm the thesis statement. A 500 word essay features less linkage of ideas since paragraphs are short and concise. Nevertheless, ideas must be interwoven to create a well structured 1000 word paper. Not all papers have a standard structure just because they are 1000 word essays. In social sciences such as philosophy, psychology, history, and literature, most 1000 word essays require that the writer or the student understands and explores opposing opinions exhaustively. These additional parts of the paper are contained in extra paragraphs. It is for this reason 1000 word papers have 5 to 8 paragraphs. Some of the additional paragraphs take into consideration differing views that are later debunked in additional paragraphs. A common unique example of a complex 1000 word paper is the rogerian essay that explores two opposing ideas with equal zeal. Proving thesis for such papers is much more complex and requires many paragraphs within a 1000 word essay.

Is the 1000 word essay the most important?

We have given 1000 word papers such a lengthy exploration that it would seem that they are the most important in academics, but this is not true. A good analogy is high school completion. Just because high school graduates are majority of youth, it does not mean that high school graduation is the most important achievement for a student. Perhaps grade school graduation is. Some may argue that college graduation is. For this reason, 1000 paper is just one of the many assessment methods that are a part of a structured assessment system in schools. It is neither superior or special, and only represents the average length paper that tests a student’s creative ability. It will be noted that instructors will tell students to be creative in their 1000 word paper and that no argument is the correct one.

Where should I source a 1000 word essay online?

These papers are not hard to do at all, and we encourage each student to do their papers for the sake of gaining personal knowledge. However, for those who want to go a little further and excel in their studies, we suggest that they buy a 1000 word essay for their needs. Some advantages or purchasing a 1000 word paper are that the student gains a different perspective to the issue in question. Carry out an experiment by writing a 1000 word essay yourself, and then purchase another paper for comparison. It is most likely that you will see very many differences between your paper and the at least 1000 word paper bought online. Most important feature of the new paper purchased is that the writing style will look unfamiliar and perhaps more well researched. The paper will expose the mistakes you make repetitively as well as the less than satisfactory research skills that you might have. It is very difficult to discover personal bad habits without doing a comparison. It is important to “get help with my 1000 word essay” online.

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What should I do to complete a 100 word paper?

The best thing is to plan how to write the paper according to the instructions given in this article. You will notice that this article is actually 1000 words in lengths. It might be a little more but that is also allowed in academic courses.  Therefore, you have a good estimate of how long a paper that is 1000 words actually is. It should take you anywhere between 8 hours and 24 hours to complete a well research 1000 word paper if you are an expert student. However, many students will need a few days to turn in a such a paper. If you find yourself out of time to deliver a 1000 word essay due tomorrow, you should consider paying for a 1000 word paper online without any plagiarism in order to turn it in on time.


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