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Comparing real life experience with academic learning experience

There is no end to education. It is not that one reads books passes examination, and he marks the end of training. This is a statement that was said by one of India’s philosophers. Life is a learning process, from the moment one is born to the time of death. A statement that clearly depicts the feeling that is very clear as far as learning is concerned. Learning is an activity that every human being is going to go through throughout his or her life. Many people are enrolled in schools to gain knowledge, however, others gain that knowledge through the life experiences that they encounter in their lives. Through either method, one ends up educated with enough experience to engage in everyday activities. It however begs the question what would be the most effective way of learning.

The Indian philosopher had a good point as far as learning was concerned. Life was a school that was never ending and the events would come handy in particular issues. It is incontestable that humans have a constant learning experience from the moment they start breathing. A child after being born starts accruing the experiences that he or she would execute their choice based on these learning experiences he has right now. It is common knowledge, however, that not everything in life is contained in the book. A book gives the student the status and the position of a certain job group. It is clear that the academic learning would give an individual a certain skill set that makes them fit in the society, but in the real life sense, and it is not the only kind of knowledge that one would need. The certificates of qualification show the level of learning that one is exposed to and in no situation would be considered as the only experience that they would need to live normal in this world.

Similarities that exist with these two types of knowledge would be that they are both picking experience as a source of reference. In the end, both learning experiences would have shaped the kind of thinking that an individual would have. It is interesting that they both have an interdependence that is required and applied in the using of either in day-to-day activities. Both book and real life experiences provide the individual with knowledge, but the way in which the experience and knowledge are gained would differ in execution and use.

Books are written in a sequence that would make life acceptable and easy to follow and understand. However, with real life experiences, everything is offered for education but the learning process would entail filtering what is relevant and what is not. Experiences can never be bought or paid for to learn. If it were ever paid for then it would mean that it is paid for through time and effort.

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Real life experiences and knowledge acquired through books are dependent on each other. Books are attached to events and cannot be created without having the experience to have conducted through research. The practices that one has in real life will only be ascertained if they are tested. The fact that one has the experiences does not rule out the possibility that someone else might have had the same experience and recorded it. Through books the conclusions that someone makes about experience that he or she undergo will make them better at everything he or she does.


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