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College level writing: Getting online writer to help with my paper

In high school, English papers were not written. All the papers were written in Arabic because my native language was Arabic. That does not mean English writing did not get studied. Before starting school at Indiana State, I took English classes for a year. In the English classes that I took, I write many papers and I cannot even remember how many they were. In fact, at the beginning they were so difficult because I lacked good language to write a paper. Later on, there was an improvement. I questioned myself each time the teaCollege online writer companycher said, "We are now going to write a great paper." I dreaded writing and never truly gave my writing any thought. Be that as it may, as I got into college, I knew I would become doled out various measures of papers. As I strolled into the English classroom the first day of my English classes, I was frightened. I thought I would not proceed because I thought I could not compose anything.


Giving much thought into the entire writing process and having numerous individuals behind  is the point at which I knew I could compose something. However, in writing I encounter so many shortcomings despite the strengths that I have acquired. When I analyze myself as an online writer, I never knew I could write perfectly. From junior to high school there is no time I truly viewed the writing that was being learnt as decent writing.

Still, I have numerous shortcomings as a writer. One shortcoming specifically would be that I have a vague ability to write. I can start a paper, yet never truly know where to run with it. When writing, I usually tend to get obstructed with words to say. I would prefer not to sound unscholarly, so I need to sit for some time at my computer and consider words to say. An alternate shortcoming is the waste of time. I have a tendency to simply sit at my computer screen and feel lost. That is an exercise in futility to work on. I have to discover a way where I can simply sit at my computer and compose a whole paper at one time and after that change it to precision. One different shortcoming I have is that I never get my assets on time. Sometimes, assets simply get disconnected from the Internet and never make a trip to the library. At the same time, now that am in school I know I need to make numerous trips to the library.

Aside from the shortcomings at hand, there are a couple of qualities I am adept to be great in. I feel that I am sorted out with the things I discuss. I have clear point sentences for each section and realize that I can back that sentence up. An alternate quality I have is the fact that my utilization of words is great. I can use advanced words and still sound scholarly at the same time. All things considered, English class is not awful after all, and when one thinks that he  cannot compose, as I did, one needs to think decidedly and understand that he can find a company with writer to help online.

Despite the setbacks and starting from scratch, I still could attain good grades in composition classes, receiving an A-.

College level writer response: Comparing and Contrasting Literary Forms

Literary forms present a number of similarities in the writing, composition, and the manner of representing ideas. However, they also are unique in the way they are written, with each form taking a given shape in the diction and style. These similarities and differences make up for the distinctiveness that literature materials have (Clugston, 2010). Therefore, this paper focuses on the similarities and differences in three literary modes, being drama, poetry, and short stories.

Firstly, as literary forms, drama, a poem, and a short story are creativities that a college writer uses to express his or her surrounding, or address issues in the social context. The writer has freedom to choose what he or she will represent in the literature ranging from personal experience to the social environments that they interact in. Secondly, as kinds of literature, drama, poem, and a short story are written with a figurative language. The expression of ideas in the literature is not bound to a specific diction; however, the writer has the initiative of using language in any way to drive to the point of interest. Lastly, drama, poem, and a short story have a similarity in the setting. The uniqueness of the material and ideas represented in a literature material links it to a specific time in a form of the geographical, historical, and the physical perspectives.

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On the other hand, while drama is written and performed on a stage, a poem can either be performed on stage, or not, while a short story, is written for an individual reading. On few occasions are short stories presented to an audience. Clugston (2010) concludes that drama is written with stage directions and dialogues between the characters and divided into acts and scenes with roles designated for the persons. On the other hand, a poem is written in stanzas, which can be related, or represent a different meaning. Short stories are written in chapters with plots that generate a theme as it progresses. Drama is written with various characters who all have their roles to play in generating the theme, while poems are mostly representations of a single person who narrates the story until the end. However, on some occasions, the writer of the poem might use many characters to pass on the message. A short story, on the other hand, revolves around many characters that might not necessarily be developing a common theme.



Clugston, R. W. (2010). Journey into literature. San Diego, California: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.


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