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Editing and proofreading services | pay expert to edit my paper, essay, and book

Where to hire writing expert to make corrections to my paper or book

Online of course!! You will always find a professional English paper editor online. For all English courses, English 101, and admission essay, you can find an editor for your paper to do proof reading for free. Free proofreading and editing services are offered by custom writing companies for their customers. For example, those customers that have been ordering papers, dissertation, essay, and research papers are offered free editing services for their papers. A customer who places an order with online writing company has the chance to deliver a world class edited English language paper that can be published in a journal or even a notable daily magazine. The basic principle of these operations is that language must never hinder people from communicating. Even when the writer and the publisher do not speak English, publishing can be as simple as hiring proofreading and editing services for English language. PAPER Editing is not only about language, but also about the particular skill or trade involved. For example, editing a literature paper on a poem or editing an engineering paper report requires someone with knowledge in the particular field. This is the only way editing can be beneficial to the customer student or professional.  If a chemistry paper is edited by an expert chemistry editor, you should be able to notice that an expert chemistry editor did that job.

Editing a paper is a common problem with ESL students and professionals who either want to turn in a paper through turnitin, or to publish a paper with a renowned journal as a part of career growth and advancement. For students, the paper uploaded is an exam paper, a test paper, a homework essay, or even a research paper assignment meant for a particular class or course.  Foreign students who cannot write flawless English have to upload their work to an editor, have an expert revise the essay, and then submit it through anti plagiarism tool so that it is checked for originality. On the other hand, professionals out there who want to publish their paper will bring their manuscripts so that experts can finesse them into finished and publishable papers for journals and school publications. Finally, levels apply to all papers. In order to make a professional paper ground breaking and well thought out for peer reviewing, only professionals who are past the PHD or the Masters degree can edit your paper. In fact, editing of a Masters or a PHD doctoral paper is akin to a pre- peer review process.  An equal professional reviews the paper before the real and official peer review. The process increases the chances of having the publication accept and publish your paper.

Editing my paper rejected by journal and rejected by professor

Professor’s and high school instructors often reject papers that are not well done if they contain some errors that are either not accepted by the institution or simply do not meet the standards of the publishing firm. Standards are a complex subject when it comes to editing and proofreading papers. For example, science publishing journals do accept less than perfect papers, allowing grammar errors here and there when the subject matter at hand makes such mistakes trivial. For example, a paper on groundbreaking methods of oil extraction or on a new deep space discovery will be accepted by most journals despite few grammar mistakes here and there.  If the reviewers determine that the errors mean little compared to the benefit of information, then the paper will definitely be published and the errors ignored. There are several benefits of overlooking these errors for both the journal and the scientific community. Most significant of the benefits is the fact that readers will get the original material. Picture a situation where a Chinese, Russian, Malaysian, Singaporean, or an Arab scientist has published an important paper in a journal that publishes only in English. All readers have first hand data from the primary research as the original author intended it to be. Secondly, the journal comes across as reliable and honest in publishing papers that have original content. The perfect example is the Das Kommunistische Manifest by Ernst Engels and Karl Marx or the Das Kapital, some of the most read publications in the past years. The original manuscripts are in the original language, which is German, and they still draw significant attention.

Now let us determine which version of The Communist Manifesto and Capital are widely read. Despite the original versions being in German, the most widely read versions are in English language. Some scholars offered free translation, proofreading, and editing of the original manuscript to the current English publications that have brought an understanding of Marx and Engels to the larger part of the world that Understands only English and French rather than German. This underscores the importance of editing and proofreading services for groundbreaking manuscripts. Having your paper rejected by the publisher or your professor does not mean that it is a bad paper, most of the times, the problem only lies in the understanding of the authority in charge of approval. A good paper written by English second language writer may have grammar and structure of pinyin or Arabic. A professor in an American university or a UK university will not understand what the student wants to communicate to the reader. Consequently, the paper will be rejected with recommendations that it should be edited for corrections on grammar and sentence structure. In contrast, journals will decline publishing a paper if it breaches the quality standards in terms of language grammar and spelling. A professional, not only in language, but also in the subject matter, must revise the paper and make it acceptable to the peer review panel or to the various referees that that are supposed to approve the paper.

Format editing. Are those services available with online companies? Is it cheap?

Paper format is one of the most ignored parts of publishing, even though it underscores the quality of a paper.  Experts have come across many papers written by English Second language Writers for use by English native language readers that lack basic structures. The most notorious are important scientific papers created by Indian, Arab and Chinese experts, which lack essential parts such as abstract, introduction, proper paragraphs, indices, tables, and proper images. On opening such a paper online, the reader is met by a long paragraph that represents all of introduction, abstract and background. The paper lacks executive summary, and even the table of contents is missing or has been inserted manually, making updating and editing very difficult. The reader tends to think that such a paper is of poor quality. However some of the papers, despite the small audience they attract, are probably more valuable than the well formatted paper by ENL professionals. What should an ESL writer who is not trained in formatting and editing English manuscripts do in order to submit a perfect paper? Proper formatting should be done by hired experts who can be found working in editing companies online. Professional papers require cheap formatting expert, but not too cheap anyway.

Is visual presentation important for your paper quality when you are editing? This is dependent on the kind of audience targeted. A paper for elementary school students and some papers for high school students need colorful visual representation. For elementary school students, such as grade school students, there is need to make attractive images and diagrams for the student to pay attention to. The visuals must be informative and not just for entertainment purposes. For high school students, color is important in creating interest in the young people.  A paper full of scientific symbols and a difficult language will never be suitable for high school students. In a tertiary institution, or any learning institution above O-level, presentation includes proper bulleting and numbering, proper paragraphs with unique content for each paragraph. Even professionals are repulsed by huge paragraphs containing complicated data with no clearly defined boundaries. Again, there are special formatting methods for different professionals and associations. For example, MLA, Stanford, Harvard, and APA will be used in most universities and high schools depending on the particular subject of writing. Some very special referencing formats such as Turabian, Chicago, Oscola, and EEE must be adhered to without fail. Having an engineering paper formatted in MLA or APA reeks of unprofessionalism.

Book editing services | where can I get a book editor?

Don’t ask why, but most successful people write a book to add a cap onto their career. Others write a book to enhance their careers and pass on information that they consider new and revolutionary. For example, Niccolo Machiavelli did not write his book to put an icing on his career. He however wanted to inform the prince Di Medici of the methods that rulers use to gain and keep power. Machiavelli thought that what he had was important information. Apart from boosting his standing with authorities, the book has revealed the driving force behind human leadership and law. In contrast, the book by Barrack Obama, the “Dreams” book, was written to put an icing on his career as a lawyer, educationist, and a president. The presidency was obviously the pinnacle of his career. All these kind of people need editing and proofreading services that are affordable. After all, Niccolo and Obama weren’t professional writers or publishers. They needed publishing and editing companies to do their book editing and grammar error corrections quickly.

If you are looking for “someone to pay to edit my book”, book editing company online can be hired in several ways. You can as an individual upload a book manuscript and have a writer chosen for you and your book edited. You can also have corporate customers who have several books they want edited and have them done by professionals. Beware that cheap book editors exist. These people will take your money and then submit plagiarized work or substandard work. You do not want a plagiarized book. The penalty for such an offence includes endless lawsuits, tarnished reputation, waste of time, and costly rewriting of the book. There is much less penalty for plagiarized articles and research papers because these are usually not meant for business, but for academic and professional application. In contrast, a book can take a year, two or even 5 to write, and one cannot risk having the work bungled up. Original book editors online have reliable websites on the internet with departments for that single purpose. These are editors that will give you value for your money by adding more value to your already very valuable manuscript. Note that book editing service on the internet is not a publishing service.


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Various forms of editing schedules for articles, books, research paper, and essay

Manuscripts are edited in several different ways in their development as material for information. Even though some people think that editing is adding final touches to a paper, this is not true. Editing is a process that involves the initial proofreading and grammar correction and the continuous development of the product. There are two ways any manuscript can be edited depending on its purpose.

  1. One time editing: This is where a manuscript of an article is edited once without any intention of future editing. For research papers and essays to be turned in at school, this type of editing cannot be easily repeated unless the teacher gives second chance. Any errors and imperfections cost the student points and grades. It is also possible for books to be subjected to one time editing and then be published in paperback or in hardcover. This kind of physical printing means that the book can never be corrected once it has been published and copies have been sold. One off book article and paper editing is fading away in the modern world of electronic documents.
  2. Continuous editing and development: For articles published in online electronic libraries, it is possible to continuously develop an article and make corrections as necessary any time. Many important articles, especially the technical ones, are continuously edited and even show a “last edited date and time”. For articles documenting developing phenomena, editing can be done for years as facts change and metamorphose. For books, such edits are released as new revised edition to be sold at a different price. If the new book edition is only one, it is called “New Edition”, but when there are many revised editions, they are numbered 1st  Edition, 2nd Edition, 3rd Edition, 4th Edition, 5th Edition and so on. New editions usually don’t make old one obsolete except for manuals, safety handbooks and such other sensitive publications.


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