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Scope of business academic writing

Business studies and commerce are some of the most competitive courses in modern universities, and particularly in the United States. Business courses are diverse and go as far as including human resource management and accounting into the list of specialized disciplines within the wider scope of business courses. Consequently a diverse list of writing assignments makes up a significant part of course work. A student in any business course is likely to encounter most of these assignments because the curricula are usually modular. Just because a student is studying marketing at a university does not mean that writing essays and papers such as business plans and case studies is not within the scope of the course. The wide scope of business studies makes academic research and important component of business paper writing.

Levels and types of research sources in business writing

They are several levels of research involved in writing any business papers. Every type of research material has its function. In business essay writing , primary and secondary research material sources are essential to high grade academic paper production. Primary sources are owned by the writer and often include statistical data from surveys. Parties associated with the information are acknowledged but citations are quite different from what may be witnessed when using secondary research sources. In contrast, secondary research involves using primary research work done by other authoritative people in the field to show the authenticity of information. For business essays and academic papers, there are many databases and online publications from which secondary sources can be obtained. Citations of the said sources is done according to standard research and citation styles, which may be a requirement in the specific course or by a specific professor. The most common citation styles used are APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago. These formats and styles are important and essential even for the most urgent business papers. Any well written academic paper will appear authoritative and well researched if it uses academic referencing formats.

Using online sources when writing urgent business papers

In modern curricula, instructors and professors have a significant level of anticipation that their students will use online research sources for urgent papers. This practice is especially evident when writing of urgent business papers is involved. Commerce trends and business concepts are some o the most documented subjects, and the internet has played a significant role in this documentation. It is therefore reasonable to expect that some of the cited sources are in the internet rather than in a physical library. Often, physical libraries may also operate online library projects such as this one to reach the significant online audiences. Evidently urgent business papers can be written with online libraries and authoritative online journals alone. These sources are cited in a format similar to that used for physical sources. Failure to cite online digital sources amounts to plagiarism, a serious offense in the realm of academia.

Inherited methodology and urgent business writing structure

When writing urgent business papers, it is inevitable that research methodologies used will be borrowed. To be able to complete the paper on time, elaborate methodologies constructed by authoritative personalities should be used but also acknowledged. Some of these concepts may be mathematical formulas and data collection methods necessary for analysis and computation in a business paper. In a traditional business essay, these borrowed concepts might not be necessary. Adoption of readymade concepts for use in urgent business essay writing alleviates the difficulty involved in designing and testing a custom methodology. Further, an instructor or professor evaluating a business paper is likely to appreciate tested methods rather than concepts that are in trial phase. In fact, the use of custom methods may be penalized by your professor. It is only advisable that authoritative business concepts are applied and then acknowledged through reference and citation. Almost all business essays are structured, and formal procedure must be followed in writing. Whether a business essay is urgent or not, structures such as those observed in business plans, reports, and case studies are essential in writing a grade A academic paper. Some of these papers carry significant weight in the structural correctness of the content. Therefore, hierarchy of subtopics and placements of sections is important. Further business writings often adopt other formats that are primarily found in all English language writing. Such formats include argumentative essay format, expository essay format, research paper format, or any other specific format applicable across all disciplines.

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