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Topic 1

A human person as a rational being, endowed with purpose and responsibility in life is more significantly as well a dignified being. The dignity of a human being is rooted in the worthiness of life, the inscribed natural law, and actually being designed as a fundamental course of human proliferation. In implication then, sexual intercourse is one holistic activity for humanity; because of the purpose, it is associated with, that is, procreation. Sexual intercourse and as proscribed by the natural law is a dignified act, one that continues the fundamental act of creation. Therefore, the Christian moral perspective regarding sexual intercourse as a holistic activity is founded on its basic purpose in creation.

Topic 2


The mother who harvested her dead son’s sperm after being punched to death by a 21 year old in fight, was indeed, not only determined to save an offspring from her son, but obviously acting out of love. This seems an act of love indeed; however, there are fundamental ethical issues that surround collecting a dead person’s sperms. One issue problematic with Christian ethics is offspring replacement theory that focuses on the propensity to render the marriage institution inconsequential. If a person can be able to sire children even after dying and continue one’s lineage, then life will not be accorded such significance because it will be easier to replace a person by offspring through collecting of sperms even after death.

Topic 3

For a longtime now, there has been debates regarding when human life begins. Some people argue that human life begins at conception while others maintain that, life can only begin at birth. Whether human life begins at conception or at birth is an ethical issue that requires a logical view. An argument that life begins at birth would simply render a fetus lifeless, and merely a thing that can be done away with where necessary. Equally, arguing that life begins at conception has tremendous ethical issues to pro-abortionists, because termination of a fetus would be interpreted as murder. Christians equally consider the issue of beginning of human life ethical because the holistic nature of sexual intercourse and the act of conception is safeguarded under Christian values.

Topic 4

Abortion is always bad from the Christian point of view because of the nature of the act and the consequences. Christians belief that life begins at conception and there is no valid or ethical reason that can justify the termination of any life. Life, such dignified must be protected at all times, and more significantly, that of a young one who is innocent cannot be terminated merely because a woman was raped or does not want the pregnancy. It is perverse to carry out an abortion because a woman was raped and therefore, an unwanted pregnancy. Such is committing two grave offences and justifying one. Even when a mother has a cancerous womb, a doctor must try as much to protect the life of the mother and the unborn child and even the argument of double effect is unfounded.

Topic 5

The polemics of pro-life and pro-choice are two mutually exclusive notions. Pro-lifers hold that there is no instant whatsoever when abortion can be granted or can be ethical. An argument that, a person is an autonomous entity that has freedom of choice over what can be done on one’s body is perverse to pro-life. There is not such freedom that even equates a life being with nails or a finger or a person’s hair. Just as a person has choice to cut nails when one feels like, the same person does not have choice to terminate a fetus growing in own womb, because the fetus is a human being. Actually, the fetus has a basic right to grow in another being’s womb and that right is natural and holistic. The pro-choice proponents fail to articulate that every human being has been given responsibility and one has a purpose in life. Lacking this vision of life is behind pro-choice arguments.

Topic 6

The moral question from the issue of a Catholic bishop issuing an ultimatum that St. Joseph Hospital in Phoenix is not a Catholic entity and does not offer services in correspondence to Catholic teachings is whether it is morally right to save one person at the expense of the other. The hospital administration argued that, they endeavored as much to save both the mother and the unborn, but when it appeared impossible to save both, they decided to save the mother. What does not come out well, is whether they were able to save the child and that saving the child would automatically lead to the death of the mother. If they could save either of them, then giving priority to the mother but not the baby is an ethical issue. Medical priority should be accorded both of them equally, and if one dies, at least there should be no indication that a doctor was biased to save one at the expense of the other. The bishop is morally right to impose the ultimatum.

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Topic 7

The church excommunicated the doctor who performed the abortion on the 9 year old girl from Brazil because of the inhuman act of killing two twins in the womb of the 9 year old girl. The step father indeed had been raped the girl, and obviously, this is a grave act. Anyone could sympathize with the helpless 9 year girl. However, it is equally atrocious and cruel in the same degree to kill the two lovely twins in the girl’s womb. This was the most horrendous atrocity that the doctor committed. Whether, the girl was impregnated unwillingly or whichever way, the current situation that involves terminating lives of two innocent twins was also grave. The two innocent twins that the doctor terminated were also innocent like the 9 year old girl.

Topic 8

Sexuality is an important aspect in the life of a human person and as rooted in the natural law, God proscribes how two people of opposite sex must come together and procreate. The purpose of sexuality is procreation and the entire institution is holistic. Any other form of sexuality than the one proscribed by the bible is evil. Equally, the use of contraception simply curtails life. Contraception act to limit God’s command to humanity, to go and procreate and feel the world. Actually, there is no time that people would be many in the world that, we cannot have space. God counterbalances the population naturally through natural processes such as death and equally gives rationality to every human being that, if born, one can take care of the self. Therefore, every human entity must be given a chance to live. Furthermore, abortion in its entirety is wrong or evil and there is no point that it can be rationally or morally justified.    


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