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Exegetical paper application essay: Meaning of Love Based On Deus Caritas Est

The New Testament dwells on the subject of Love, for which many exegetical papers have been written on particular passages. Help me write my exegetical paper online? Students of theology need to find someone to do their paper online from time to time. Such online writing experts can help a student understand the scripture better. Exegesis consists of literary analysis, illumine the meaning, focus the meaning, mechanical analysis among other perspectives as the professor may choose to instruct the student to write. Apart from the exegetical approach, the professor often requires theology students to write essays on important themes in the scripture. For example, the professor may ask students to talk about the theme of the Love of God, meaning, the love that God has for His creation. An important reference that a student can utilize in the paper is the authoritative publications by religious figures such as the pope. The following is the Pope’s opinion on God’s Love.

Deus Caritas Est, meaning God is Love is fundamentally a reflection of Pope Benedict XVI on Christian Love. This reflects a personal conviction and devotion to the Biblical greatest commandment and the foundation of the Christian faith. The writing is justified by examples and verses quoted from the Bible that elaborate on the meaning of Love from a Christian perspective and God’s dwelling within all love. "But the greatest of these is Love" (1 Corinthians 13:13) is a good example of a Biblical verse used in the text.

"Since God has first Loved us," (1 John 4:10), shows that Love is no longer a sheer command. It is a rejoinder to the gift of adoration, with which God draws closer to us. In a society where the word of God is mainly associated with duty, this message is not only timely, but also significant. This is because it enlightens present day Christians about the Love which God bestows upon us and which we, in return, must share with each other.


On his message, he clearly defines and distinguishes Biblical Love from what is incorrectly perceived to be by the society. He elaborates Love as articulated in all its richness and sanctity of the biblical tradition. This two are well captured in the text through the Greek philosophies "Eros" mainly sexual Love and "Agape" that is the divine, unconditional, and self-sacrificing Love.  He concludes by mentioning “Phillia,” mostly known as friendship Love and their alignment to the Biblical teachings of Jesus Christ. This Christian Love is exemplified in the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and God’s Love for Israel.  The three Christian virtues through which religious Love is manifested are charity, faith, and hope.

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From the article, "Agape" is the solely true Christian form of Love, while "Eros" is a manifestation of an individual's bodily desires that risks being reduced to meager sexual satisfaction. In addition to this, the text states that "Eros" plays a significant role in averting many Christians from practicing "Agape" Love. Even a student of theology today can learn to write such monumental essays with the help of an online religious studies expert.


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