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How to write drama or a play: Get help to write a play

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Drama writing is a tough one for any English language students. For those that are not good at languages, it is easy for them to choose other courses other than drama and play writing. No such option for those that are foreign and need help with their drama paper. A student has to get help to interpret a play. Rather than do all these things poorly in hope that the teacher will understand the situation, its best to hire someone to do a drama paper. It is well known that such papers have the potential to make a student fail a class for no good reason. In the following discussion, a foreign student, Harry Mathew, gives an expert opinion on how someone who is not too good at writing can approach such a paper.

Performance elements

In writing a drama essay, and in performance of the same play, certain elements are clearly seen to be expressed better on stage than on paper. Elements that help build the plot or give the play a sense of character. The elements of the plot and dialogue are expressed differently should the same play be performed.

How to write the plot


Drama writing help

Plot is an element that would be considered very important in all drama as compared to all other types of literature. It is the direct fragmentation of all the action in a play. Simply put, what happens to the characters under the conditions that the playwright has devised is considered a plot (Unit 4: Read & Writing About Drama).

Before an audience, the play’s most important rule is: what they see is what they get. The playwright, in devising the pauses in the action, acts, and scenes would determine the entire feel, while a reader chooses to pause and continue reading at a later time (Unit 4: Read & Writing About Drama).

How to develop audience interest

In keeping the plot interesting, the playwright introduces elements such as juxtaposition and scene transitions. A lot of scenes within the play will show contradicting views, or even a sub-scene on stage. This would include: “The flash to a bebopper chatting to Jive about Louis in scene one; Mamie appearing for a monologue turned into a conversation with Lil in front of Ike and Kay and latter it transitions to J. Edgar prying behind Lil and Kay. This element would best be reenacted on stage unlike while reading the same play” (Unit 4: Read & Writing About Drama).

What is considered good dialogue is distilled speech, structured in such a way that it regularly contributes to the creation or resolution of conflict. It helps in moving the play forward, while enlightening the reader and the public about the character. “Earnest” has a very heavy set of dialogues and limits the direction only to the initial scene settings and to the expressive or vocal cues for the particular character. “High C”, on the other hand, goes further to incorporate character development.

Reading of the “..High C” left me with a greater depth of feel, attributed to the high use of these two important elements of the play. It enabled me to create a mental picture of what was transpiring on stage should I have seen it on stage. “Ernest”, on the other hand, left me with characters and no image on stage.

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How easy is it to excel in writing drama?

It is not easy to compete when writing drama in the context of a student who doesn’t not do well in English when among people who have spoken English all their life. In the first place, the standard English language taught at university and used to writing drama paper is not the same English the best drama writers have used in the past. Shakespeare presents the best case of outstanding drama paper writing using old outdated English that most students who are new to the language will never crack. If asked to do a paper on such drama, say, hamlet, it is only best to have the best people online to help with the paper.


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