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As I am writing this reflective essay, I still cannot say that my craft of writing has become perfect. In fact, I think that no one will ever take writing to perfection. At the same time, I feel that my writing has changed considerably. I learned how to write research papers, essays, position papers and more. Now I know many new techniques, which I can apply for my works. Though there was a large amount of work during the course, I look back with a smile. All the efforts are rewarded, as now I can write effective papers. Not only do I know how to express my ideas, analyze peer-reviewed sources, and identify several arguments, but I concentrated on improving punctuation, grammar, and appropriate APA and MLA formats as well. Any expert on cheap website will do this for you.

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I have noticed that my capability to write academic papers and express my ideas and knowledge has increased significantly. I have always experienced problems with putting my thoughts on paper in a way that is appropriate and comprehensive. I can recollect being advised several times to organize my thoughts in a clear way. I hope that I have managed to enhance this point, and my paper confirms this.

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Frankly speaking, I never treated English course as something important; however, now I know that the abilities obtained in the course, will be extremely beneficial to me for writing business letters, knowing how to write and how to arrange the papers in APA and MLA formats. Thanks to English 101, now I am far more proficient in using various styles of academic papers. Moreover, the initial papers that I wrote were quite short and simple. In these works, I would merely repeat what we learned in class and what I had discovered in the course of my research. I could barely state my ideas and support them with the help of peer-reviewed journal articles and books. Now I know how to write a nursing paper expressing my thoughts in it and know how to format it correctly.

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One more significant enhancement with online help to write a paper is my new capability to identify several arguments in my papers, instead of sticking to one-sided stances. This course actually opened my eyes to what I can achieve in creating a successful paper. Writing successfully is not something that students are good at right away, but it will enhance progressively with each paper. I have only started becoming a better writer and English course has helped me in my efforts.

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To conclude the reflective essay, I have learned a lot from the course. Though there was a huge amount of work completed during English course, all the efforts have paid off, as I have learned how to write effective papers. I learned how to express my ideas, analyze peer-reviewed sources, and identify several arguments, as well as I concentrated on enhancing punctuation, grammar, and appropriate APA and MLA formats. During the course I have managed to accomplish many goals I once thought were unachievable. I have learned how to write papers and express myself in these works. Furthermore, now I know how to search for the answers to the things that I do not know yet. Moreover, learning how to search for trustworthy peer reviewed articles and books has considerably broadened the extent of my research, which has lead to far better academic papers with reliable references. That is why I look for writing websites that can be trusted to write my non plagiarized papers. Hence, my works are more interesting and dependable than they used to be before the course. What is more, I have learned how significant language is.


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