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How I Wrote My Research Paper

ESL student sample written

Writing a research paper can seem intimidating, more so to those who are doing it for the first time. However, I was determined to give it my best shot despite the magnitude of the daunting task that lay ahead of me. I began by selecting a topic that I was comfortable writing about. After much contemplation, I decided to write on “The Impact of Social Isolation on Children’s Social Behavior and Development”. The logical step that came to mind was to browse the Internet and collect credible sources that matched my topic. While picking out my sources, I kept in mind that the quality and usefulness of the sources would have to be my primary concern. In order to do so, I defined the scope of my paper and decided to cover the aspects of Social Isolation, Adjustment Problems, Language Development, Health Effects,  and Lack of Cognitive Growth. After deciding upon the problem that I would be addressing, I decided to formulate the type of sources that I would require and that would best suit my study. It seemed only coherent that I picked only academic and scholarly sources for my paper so that the credibility be maintained. Next, I extensively searched the web for articles, journals, and other related material.

After an extensive research on the web, I shortlisted 10 references for my paper. It seemed fitting to make an annotated bibliography of these sources in order to make my work easier at a later stage. So, my next step involved an all-embracing research on these 10 sources that I shortlisted. I made sure that I had sources that would fall into two categories – Descriptive and Informative. The Descriptive category contained the sources that provided me with theories while the Informative category provided me with facts and figures. Based on this, I made a Word document and summarized the information that I gathered from these references. Next, very carefully, I analyzed each of these sources yet again and I shortlisted 6 of them to base my research paper on. These sources were selected on the basis of clarity, coherence, credibility, and the time of publication. The first thing that I did was to eliminate very old sources. Then I searched for the ones that were very clear in what they were saying. On the basis of these aspects, I decided to begin writing my research paper. The paper followed the rules of MLA formatting and I noted my references also in the same format.

When I started writing the paper, I tried to open with a broad perspective and move on to narrower aspects of the topic. So, I started off with the Social aspects which were largely based on my own knowledge. In connection to this, the next section included the Adjustment Problems derived from two of my shortlisted references by Pressley and Christine and LeCrov. Continuing onto Language Development, I made use of CoPlan and Bowker’s reference. The next section on Health Effects was broadly based on the ill effects of Social Isolation and was connected to section one. Further, the section on Lack of Cognitive Growth was based on the references by Goleman and Hortulanus and Meeuwesen.  The final section was a conclusion of the entire paper and highlighted the negative impacts of Social Isolation in Children.

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