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Getting you paper done on the internet: literacy isn’t about simply writing.

 Literacy can be termed as a complex set of abilities that are required to understand as well as use the most dorminant systems of symbols of a culture that includes alphabets and numbers as well as visual icons. The nature of the abilities as well as the demand for them differ in different contexts. It has an extension beyond functional skills of speaking as well as writing and reading and also listening. It also includes media, and literacy of information as well as visual. According to the journal article “The lessons that children teach us: Integrating the new Internet literacies and kids’ literature”, each teacher recognizes that kids have special writing methods of looking at the world that are genuine and often funny, however they express central truths concerning life. Therefore, kids teach us a vital lesson concerning literacy and life if we only listen to them closely enough (Leu, 2004). Opportunities exist today for students to travel to other places and experience more powerful and richer responses to kid’s literature when the Internet is considerately combined with the classroom literature program. Putting the Internet and children’s literature together in a single sentence has not always been regarded as appropriate. However, a growing number of teachers today are learning exciting opportunities available on the Internet to develop a response to literature in ways that are powerful. Additionally, they recognize that integrating the internet with kid’s literature likewise makes students get ready for new literacies that will progressively define their future.

Integrating the kid’s literature with the Internet enables students to develop a better understanding of the many diverse cultural experiences in the world, therefore making them ready to take advantage of the significant benefits provided by a diverse world. The Internet and the Information Communication Technology (ICT) need new literacies in order to fully exploit the potential of information and communication (Castek, 2006). New literacies form upon the introductory literacies that has been taught in school always to prepare students for effective utilization of books and pencils. Nevertheless, the new literacies go beyond these introductory literacies to incorporate new reading, viewing, writing, and communication skills needed by the new ICT.

The one thing I like about this article is that it acknowledges the need for ICT to be integrated in children’s literature. This is important since in an era of information and communication, ability to read, think critically, and be able to communicate with the Internet has turned out to be as essential as being able to read a book. I agree with the position taken by the author that children's literature offers a special opportunity to assist kids in making the transition to an extended online writing discourse that incorporates the new literacies. I would apply this information to appreciate that multi culture literature assists us to understand that diverse cultural traditions and ways of viewing the world are vital to treasure because diverse, honestly shared views permit us to discover the best solutions to challenges that we experience.

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