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How to review a draft to final essay

Reviewing the rough draft is a late stage in writing which requires one to prepare satisfactorily.  It involves clarifying the topic, taking notes, and collecting and organizing as many ideas as possible. The first step in the review of my draft entailed gathering the materials that I had acquired for the paper. I then set apart time for the review and then developed the thesis for my paper. The thesis had to present a specific and clear argument. Initially, I had to make sure that the introduction of the paper was in setting on the main message of the paper writing in a captivating way.

Drafting a Paper

The second step involved making sure that each section in the main body started with a complete topic sentence. The features reviewed in the topic sentence included the articulation of a main point, effectiveness, clarity, correlation to the thesis, and how well it supported the thesis. This was to avoid instances of logical fallacies. I also made some suggestions of the improvements I would make on the final draft. Concerning the supporting details, I reviewed how well the supporting sentences directly related to the main topic sentence. For the sentences that did not qualify this review criterion, I tried to develop better supporting details with focus on the specific claim made in the topic sentence.

Overall, the review identified any grammatical errors and mistakes and tried to fix them. Other formatting efforts included proper headings, page pagination, and sentence structure errors. For instance, I ensured that all paragraphs’ development incorporated the specific details. In addition, I sought to review how effectively the referencing had been achieved in accordance with the APA referencing guideline. Finally, I submitted the draft in the Turnitin to identify any cases of potential plagiarism. The Turnitin report helped to correct all the cases of plagiarism that were identified.

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