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Plagiarism and Logic Self-Check: A student’s introspective analysis

Can students learn how to write well?

When reading chapter four of Drown and Sole (2013) textbook, I learned essential skills for writing research. That is analytical, logical, grammatical, and formatting skills. More significant though, is the issue of plagiarism. Plagiarism in my opinion and after reading AWC Guidelines for Paraphrasing and Turnitin student FAQ, refers to copying, paraphrasing, or using other writers work without giving recognition to the use of their work by proper citation. It is actually an academic crime but can be avoided through proper paraphrasing and use of citations. There is also a proper way of paraphrasing, which helped me significantly in writing my research paper ‘The Impact of Disposable Products and Packaging in the Market Place’. Through better paraphrasing, I was able to use other authors’ information and correctly cite the sources. For example, I used ideas from Sinclair (2000) and Kiser (2009) among others and paraphrased the ideas appropriately.

One of the formatting issues I noticed in my draft was repeatedly having to cite the title of the source, despite correctly giving the author’s surname and the year of publication. For example, in all the citations I start by indicating “in an article titled” and then goes on to give the title of the article. This could be avoided by just giving the author’s surname and the year of publication of the writing. Instead of writing ‘in the article titled’, it is better to write according to Sinclair (2000).

Learning about argument, logic, and fallacy was also essential in giving me insights on how to present a meaningful and coherent essay. When writing my draft, I was able to identify arguments that had major logical flaws and in a lucid way debunk such arguments through a logical presentation of ideas. Often, I noticed how easily authors commit fallacies either deliberately or naively and when using certain ideas, I ensured they were sensible. One of the best logical ideas I used from an author is the one that advocates governments to start stewardship programs. The basic intent of this rationale was to affirm the importance of personal responsibilities in protecting our environment. By being able to review my own work, in my future essays, it will be easier to address the issues as I write and to be keener enough.

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