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Are bridging courses worth it? | examining the benefits for international students

Why for international students

Universities in America and the UK offer bridging course for students who do not satisfy the O-level requirements for particular college course. A student that wants to study mechatronic engineering at an American university or in the UK can be asked to take a bridging course for several essential unit courses. Disciplines and subjects to be bridged for such a degree may include mathematics, physics, chemistry and probably commerce.  Now at the university level, the tests may be too hard for you, but here is how you decide if you want it.

  1. If you scored C and D kind of grades at O-level or rather in high school, you don’t want to bridge that subject at the University level. You just might waste you money, time and ego. It isn’t any easier at that level. If you were an A kind of student in those subjects back in your home country, then you may bridge, and in that case it also requires some effort. Nothing is automatically granted.
  2. Be sure you need the degree. You don’t want to take bridging courses for a year or even six months and then go into a five or six year course and then fail or exit early. This will be a total waste of time. However, in technical courses you always learn something helpful in your life even if you don’t finish. You just need to be a doer to apply anything you learn in a technical course and you could forge an enviable living off it.
  3. Take your bridging course seriously and don’t approach technical courses with fear. They are as simple as the next course and if you take it easy for your technical course and dedicate your time, you are going to have it easier than most in the next five years. You can always get help for bridging course online any time you need it.

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