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Genuine essay writing services | are these custom paper services legit?

Online writing | Are they legit?

Do many of the companies offering writing services online legitimately? The companies so far observed offer a wide range of service that includes academic as well as professional services. Are all essay writing services legit? Let’s get things right here, most writing services are not restricted to essay writing in any sense. In fact, there isn’t a single company on the internet that offers exclusive essay writing services. Most of the companies write short 150 word essays but also offer writing for dissertation and thesis papers. There are many, including registered companies, which have professionals to offer writing services to any socially mobile student who has learnt the new ways in academia, but are they genuine? Essay writing services are in themselves legit business and legit services since they sell perfectly legal products, which are knowledge and information. A student joining university right now may think that the services are a new phenomenon that students are using to cheat about their abilities and knowledge. However, many people forget that learning is an internally driven goal. No learner acquires any knowledge by force. A student will choose what to learn and will chose where to obtain the information required. It is inconsequential whether the source chosen is the university professor, someone walking on the street, illegitimate, illegal, and fraudster kind of custom writing service, or genuine professional custom essay services. Below, we solve the question of legality and the question of legitimacy of majority of paper writing services.

Online companies with a writing service hardly fail to deliver on their promise, but is what you see what you get? Navigate to most of the home pages of writing service websites. All you find is promises of on time delivery and plagiarism free essay written. Some will even offer to do dissertation in a single 24 hour day. Dissertation chapter? Yes. It is possible to write a literature review chapter, a data analysis chapter, a background chapter, a data collection chapter or even a conclusion for a thesis paper or a dissertation but no one can do the whole paper in 24 hours. Writing services promising unbelievably quick solutions are not genuine. Other writing services that are not genuine resell papers they have obtained from other customers or that are already prewritten for their customers. The process involves a customer making an order to the essay or paper, paying for it, and having the paper emailed by the company in one hour or even in a few minutes. Such a paper has not been written from scratch, but has wholly been plagiarized. Can you really call that genuine paper writing? Of course you cannot say so.  The other category is that which hires an essay writer that is not qualified. Imagine a paper writer that has a philosophy degree doing your engineering report? This turns out to be a disaster. Some other companies can never keep time. This has been the cause of failure for many students who rely on paper writing services to deliver on time.

Do genuine writing companies deliver essays on time?

Is it always the fault of the paper writer that the paper is late? Some papers are difficult to write and require time. It is the duty of the student to request a paper not on the teacher’s deadline, but much earlier than the deadline. A writing service that does not deliver by the time it promises is not genuine whether or not the customer had considered the class deadline. This brings up the question, is there any genuine custom essay writing company on the internet? Certainly yes, there are many companies that can write papers on time and others that can deliver professionally written essay within the set timeframe. These are what you consider genuine paper writing services on only one condition, which is that the essay must be original and have no plagiarism. The other side of writing services is the writer’s side.  If the writer is poorly compensated, they eventually start writing bad essays and even submit copied work. In writing companies, owners will sometimes shave off 90% of all the money you pay and give the writer 10%. Such writers can never do good work on your paper. A few other companies based in Eastern Europe, in Ukraine or Russia, often give writers excuse for not paying them. For example, some companies will return the essay written to the writer and claim that citations have been improperly appended. The writer will spend hours checking for the said mistake and the writing company will cut about 5 percent or so for lateness and mistakes from the writers pay. What these companies are actually doing is that they are stealing from writers to pay themselves everything. Eventually, all good writers move on to other companies. In a short while, you start noticing that a company that was good has become very poor in terms of services, with paper written by ESL writers that are underpaid. There you have an illegitimate writing service.

How to find a genuine writing service you can trust

 Trusting the writing company you hire online is the most important aspect of your paper service contracting. Agreements with companies on the internet are based purely on trust. There is hardly any enforceable contract on the internet because there is no physical engagement. Only electronic contracts exist when making orders. For this reason, the customer is usually protected by the online wallets transferring the payment from the customer to the writing service.  what is the guarantee for the writing service if the customer can be refunded on dispute without any arbitration about the contract and whether the customer essay company kept its deal or not? The guarantee lays in the payment first policy. As much as the customer is protected, there is an obligation to pay first and then expect services to delivered. The customer’s security is guaranteed by the ability to dispute the transaction. Incidentally, the customer may not be in a position to ask for the money paid since in the first place, the customer did not enter into the contract for disputes. A student expects the paper on time so as to deliver to the teacher in question by submitting to turnitin. This is why genuine essay company is important to students. There is no remedy for a failed paper even if the money paid were to be refunded. How do you find a reliable essay writing service? The easiest way to establish whether a company is genuine or not is when making the first order, which is normally a short paper, give yourself some time after the writing company deadline in case they fail or send you a plagiarized paper.

The following points highlight how to go about this procedure:
  1. Identify a writing service that offers the particular genuine writing services you need to pay for. When selecting the details on the paper order form, you should be able to see your particular course or the related trade area. You should also be able to select the level of education you are aiming for.
  2. Carefully select your paper details from the form. Most of the options are usually select options because the essay company knows majority of the courses offered. Details such as referencing style should be selected according to your professors’ instructions. Otherwise, there are some regular referencing methods for each course. For those in psychology, APA is the automatic way of citation and referencing. Note that some schools recommend Chicago style for referencing and formatting for psychology papers. If Harvard style or the MLA is not specified for English papers, the MLA is the default citation style.
  3. Enter the specific instructions that the teacher has given, or the just define the parameters governing the look and feel of your paper as a professional. Very long instructions often lead to misunderstanding between the writer and the customer. However, brief, precise and formatted instruction lead to better satisfaction of the customer. Remember that not all instructions are pasted into the instruction box. If the instructions are in a PDF or a Microsoft Word document or a picture, they are better attached to the attachment and uploads section of the order page.
  4. Make a payment using either an online wallet or any other tool available to you, and by doing this, you alert the writing company that you want the particular order done and delivered. There is no need to make any more communication calls to support after making such a payment.
  5. Monitor your order when the deadline you set at the writing companies almost expired. Some companies will keep the paper until the timeframe you set is almost expired in order to deliver your paper. When you paper is delivered, review it and submit it to your professor. If your paper is not delivered on time and the support have no logical explanation why a plagiarism free paper was not delivered within the period requested, know that you are not dealing with a genuine research paper service.

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Which rating should you use to determine top notch writing services online?

Genuine writing services are of course known by the customers who have always benefitted from their skilled work and Grade A papers they have consistently churned out. However, there is a need to create a rating system that writing services can rely on for ranking in the customer’s perspective. These are as follows:

  1. Cost: whether a service is genuine and affordable is an individual determination. For example, if a customer expects to be charged 50 US dollars a page, then the writing service charges 90 US dollars a page, then that particular service is not affordable for the customer. Alternatively, if a genuine writing service charges 35 US dollars a page while the customer expects to be charged 50 US dollars a page, then that service is genuine and affordable. Cheapest writing services are never the best and there will always be an issue or two with cheap products. This applies for every item just as it applied for any cheap used car. There must be a defect or a hidden flaw for a product to be too cheap. Genuine, but expensive writing services are a problem for a customer. Some writing service may be expensive but not genuine at all. These companies use exorbitant prices to make the customer think that they offer professional writing services. There is comfort zone for everyone. It is always a challenge to have a writing service from which you cannot buy more than two papers because your account was dried by the first orders. You should be able to spread your funds across all your assignments.
  2. Proficiency: genuine writing services must be professional in their writing assignments if you buy an essay from a genuine writing service, what you see is what you get, otherwise, the company cannot be rated as reliable and genuine if the papers are substandard. This can only be known after you receive your paper. For example, if a company offers marking services and grammar correction services, a marked paper should be returned perfect with all the errors highlighted without skipping any.
  3. Customer –Service relationship: If the writing service does not take care of you individually, then you have a problem. Once you order twice with a company, the support staff should recognize that you are a regular customer and offer the best services.

These are conditions any person looking to buy a research paper from genuine custom essay company should look out for. It is your responsibility to make sure you choose the company with the best interest for your grade because while you can change your income later, you cannot affect a degree or a diploma later in life.


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