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There are companies that provide academic assistance of the highest quality. Some say that this is academic cheating or simply plagiarism, but it has been proven that for all the time these writing services have thrived, education and degrees have gotten better. 4 in 5 first class honors students admit to using online paper writing companies to get ahead of other students. Some examination purists say that this is the worst form of cheating. However, evaluate the state of education today. It is clear that authoritarianism is the biggest impediment to college enrollment. Many people are willing to make do with a high school diploma rather than go to college for a four year degree. Meanwhile, essay writing companies that write papers for money to help students with their homework and exam are proven to make more socially mobile individuals. This data does not come from the paper writing companies. 60% of company CEOs that have built or added value to their organization claim that they would not have excelled in so many areas if online writing companies had not allowed them to order an essay as they worked to earn money that would pay for fees. A poll similar to the Gallup poll indicates that 70% of leaders in startup companies have paid for online writing services, specifically to deliver a plagiarism free research paper.

What to the above statistics mean?

Wait, we are not yet done with data on online writing or rather the rejection of what is viewed as cheating. About 8 of every 10 employees with a college degree and working at the entry level report that they never used essay companies on the internet while in college. This study, a randomized controlled study, also reports that the same proportion of students reported dissatisfaction with heir progress in their career. What is the problem with the seemingly very honest students?

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Professor Martin Schaefer says that his meta analysis of cross sectional empirical trials conducted in many states and even in Australia shows that students that use online writing services for their essays, dissertations, research paper, and thesis papers tend to be brighter and more efficient in use of their time and resources.  Is it surprising that these “dishonest” students are better leaders, managers, and have a better attitude towards work? The answer lies in the next section.

If you order essay online, are you bright or are you dumb?

Professor Schaefer reveals that many of the students that seek online services go on to become successful people that can be rated above average in their progression in the career ladder. Why doesn’t the honesty seem to reward the lower cadre employees that say they never used online writing help even though they were aware of the existence of such companies and could comfortably afford them? The educationist narrows down the possible causes of disparity to the fundamental nature of the different types of people. Some people, according to Schaefer’s studies, are simply not team workers or cannot simply delegate work. In contrast, leaders are able to delegate and make people work within their expectations. For example, was Steve Jobs, the legendary CEO a great computer scientist? No really. He probably couldn’t make a single computer chip. However, many engineering students look up to Mr. Jobs as an inspirational engineer. Mr. Jobs wasn’t even a competent engineer if an engineer at all. He was simply a calligraphy person, but through his ability to lead and better organization and delegation skills, he was able to be the icon employee of his companies and achieve much more in his industry that he would have following rules in the book. It is such a student as Mr. Jobs that will often seek essay writing services online. On average, the student paying legal essay companies for papers is brighter that the supposedly scrupulous one.

Why do online essay companies make sense?

If the best practices as expected in school were true to their claims, the world would be a different place. If it were true that students that don’t use essay services should be the future leaders in their organizations, then it would also be true that proven leaders or large organizations such as mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos should be the leaders of the country. Let’s even suppose that to avoid dictatorship, we must have a panel of leaders. If this was true, then leaders of a country or a state would be a panel made up of trail blazers in the various industries and societies in a country. Is it so right now? No, this rule doesn’t seem to apply. Success in society in fact opposes the ideal of following the beaten path. You must work to make your own world a success rather than concentrate on pleasing or being seen as a pleasant person. In so doing, you advance the whole society a step further even though unknowingly.

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Top notch writing companies offer a relief to students that have too much on their hands. In a similar example, a society does not let its weakest die off so that it can progress. Instead, hospitals and medicine is provided to make them stay in the race longer. Similarly, intelligent people who are not good at writing research papers and dissertations are as affected and should be encouraged to seek online services in order to progress to the next stage in life. As doctor Schaefer says, the average effect of writing companies online is positive since more energy and time is spent on economic activities and advancement of society than is spent on following rules. The professor likens this to the license rule. Does a driving license make roads safer? Obviously, no, driving licenses do not make roads safer. To be honest about the matter, some people without driving licenses are safer on the road than many of the licensed drivers. Then why is it considered dishonest to drive without a license? It is just because you appear to cheat the system or avoid the fees that raise revenue for the government. But does paying some money directly to the government without having the license make you an honest person in the eyes of the society. Again, no. All this is because the supposedly right way is not necessarily the most efficient. Legal Essay writing services online promises efficiency.


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