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How to write English papers: custom paper writing service

Universality of writing English essays and papers

English language is studied as a single discipline by itself in most institutions. However, English language is often integrated with other courses because it is a medium of communication. Majority of research papers are always written in English. Consequently, English papers and essays are some of the most common assignments in universities and colleges. In high schools, almost every student writes many English essays over the period of schooling. Effective use of English in communication is evaluated by the ability of the paper to inform the reader. To attain this coherence, an English essay should be well researched, non-repetitive, and be free of errors. It is therefore necessary that an English paper writer be skilled in English language grammar and syntax. The writer should be able to write and structure the essay according to the specific standards used for that type of paper.

Comparison of English papers and papers in other disciplines

While research is important for all academic papers, English essays are unlikely to ever require surveys and data unlike many other disciplines in which statistical information is essential in writing a paper. However, English papers have a very strict structure requirement and these structures determine the manner in which essays in all other disciplines are written. For example, all essays will have paragraphs, and among all the paragraphs, there is the introduction and the conclusion paragraphs. Therefore, English essays are the first frontier of learning how to write academic papers. On the other hand, papers in other subjects and disciplines may have their own unique modifications or requirements. If one were to write a scientific paper explaining details of a specific phenomenon in two or three paragraphs, the idea of an introduction and conclusion would not be practical. There several general rules that should be followed in writing a grade A English essay.

Basic requirements in writing an English paper

Firstly, an English paper writer should be skilled in grammar. It would be wiser to seek an experienced professional writer if your grammar is poor because learning English grammar takes decades, even for native English speakers. However, your grammar is good, and you have time, you can write your own superb English paper. Secondly, an English essay must have a thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. This is especially mandatory if the paper to be written uses rhetoric in persuasion and argument. Further, while the conclusion of the paper should reflect the introduction, it must not entirely replicate the content of the introductory paragraph. It is important that the conclusion draws an inference or an opinion of the writer over the issues discussed. The writer can restate the thesis statement especially if the English essay is an argumentative one. This restatement is usually done at the end of the concluding paragraph.

Paragraph structure in an English paper

Paragraphs in an English paper are always begun with a form of a topic sentence as the first statement. A topic sentence is different from the topic of the paper, and it contains the issue in focus in the particular paragraph. The topic sentence is not necessarily underlined or capitalized. In an English paper, this sentence might be longer than a typical topic of a paper, and might not be distinguishable from other sentences except for the fact that it carries the theme of the paragraph. After the topic sentence, the next few sentences discuss the theme of the topic sentence. In any English essay, it is necessary to conclude every paragraph. This conclusion of a paragraph helps the reader identify the discussion in the paragraph with a particular argument. A reader can know those paragraphs that collectively support a particular perspective. Professional English essays and academic papers have a counter argument in at least one paragraph. A counter argument shows that the writer is not ignorant of other perspectives on the issue at hand despite subscribing to a particular opinion.

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Paragraph length in English essays and papers

Paragraphs in English papers are usually average in length. A writer should never have overly long paragraphs discussing ideas that could be split into several arguments. Unless there is a strict limit in the number of words that can be written or the number of paragraphs allowed in the English paper, the essay paragraphs should have average paragraph length. Short essays usually have paragraphs of an average of six sentences. However, this number is not fixed, and it is just an average figure. Splitting long paragraphs into several smaller paragraphs helps the writer explore each idea exhaustively, and this is important in English paper writing. While other papers have challenges because of discipline specific requirements, English papers are some of the easiest to write for an eloquent English speaker and writer. English essays can be ordered here and delivered to you on time.


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