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Comparing College and High School: A comparison essay

Published under category: Writing Ideas | 2014-11-22 05:59:55 UTC

Context: High school versus college

For decades, college education has been one of the most important assets for an average American. Consequently, many argumentative essays focused on convincing reader why such education is essential. However, today, with many people who never attended college being more successful that some jobless college graduates, students are given more assignments to debate on the importance of college versus high school. A good custom writing service can complete such a paper because a few websites have qualified writers. You can always rely on online writing help to do your essay on the importance of college degree versus high school diploma. Basics on college, high school, and assignments prompts are highlighted below. Consider the following views when writing any essay on college versus high school. In high schools, the students are not responsible for their schedules. The school administration and teachers decide on when certain events and classes are going to take place. Furthermore, students are expected to adhere to the programs approved by the school and the authorities without failure. However, in college, general schedules are crafted by the college administration, and the tutors and the students are given freedom to create their own schedule based on a consensus. In case the students do not agree with their instructors in college, the instructors’ opinion prevails to ensure that order is maintained. In addition, the students have a limited liberty to decide on whether to attend lectures or not. This freedom trains students to manage time and maintain a balance between studies or work and other activities. Award system is also a critical difference to note in writing an argumentative paper on this topic. In high school, a minimum grade is required to graduate. In contrast, an average performance is necessary for one to graduate in college. The grading system may include many assignments throughout the course. In high school, grading depends on most assessments in the course, while graduating in college depends on research work. Consequently, some of the assignments in college are meant to facilitate research and not to earn grades. Such assignments may not have a direct effect on the final grade. Despite the many online writing services that may offer to write you an argumentative essay on benefits of college education, many of them will get you an average mark. Even worse, most of them will fail you despite paying them for the paper. There are many people on the internet who claim to do custom essays, but few of them deliver. It is therefore advisable that you look out for a reliable online writing service. Ask this writing service to do your benefits of college versus high school paper and you will be the happiest among your peers. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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