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Communication Trends in Apple Inc and 3M research paper

Published under category: Sample Essays | 2014-11-11 00:09:26 UTC

Context: Business communication and strategy

Introduction: Communication is an essential part of business operations. It is through communication that the management of an organization monitors the work of the employees. People working within an organization have to report to their supervisors through communication. It is also through communication that the organization is able to attract and negotiate with the customers. Apple Inc is one of the most recognized firms in the United States. The firm has been good at advertising its products. On the other hand, Apple has been accused of being partial on revelation of details in its operations to stakeholders. Another firm, 3M, operates in many countries around the world. This firm has a different approach to stakeholder engagement compared to Apple Inc. Different Modes of Communication Apple has always relied on technology to keep stakeholders engaged. This paper tries to examine the manner in which Apple Inc established services such as iCloud. The problem with this approach is that stakeholders, particularly the board members, are not willing to use the technology often. Consequently, these stakeholders are not informed of the current affairs in the company. On the other hand, 3M is a global company established in almost all countries in the world. Local company establishments are required to communicate with the stakeholders in their host countries through a special approach. Thus, communication strategy for 3M is different in every country the company operates. This paper compares the effectiveness of the different approaches by the two companies. The Use of Social Networking by Apple Inc and 3m Use of social networking as a means of communication to promote sales is an emerging trend in the marketing strategies formulated by many companies. Apple Inc tends to engage its internal stakeholders alone in its social networks. The company communicates with its stakeholders through networks that only those who are subscribed to the company’s services can access. This method fosters loyalty of existing stakeholders while potentials customers are alienated. 3M adopts a different approach to social networking. The company creates forums that last for a short time in order to expand its market. Through the internet, open social networks that can be accessed by new parties with interest are established. 3M has experienced fast growth of its operations within the period that the social networks have been in operation. This paper evaluates the scale of benefits enjoyed by each company in its strategy for social networking. Ethical Issues in Social Competence versus Control 3M has adopted a liberal approach in its communication agenda. The company tolerates all people’s opinions including those from those who are not stakeholders. This liberal approach does not seek to control the stakeholders. The communication strategy is also open to external influence. Apple has always considered the control of its stakeholders to be an important part of its strategy. The technology used by the company is not compatible with systems that are common in other companies. This communication strategy controls the stakeholder’s social behavior. In that essence, this paper explores the ethical aspects of the approaches used by the two companies. Conclusion Both 3M and Apple Inc are large companies. While Apple Inc is the biggest company in the world in terms of public share value, 3M is one of the most widespread companies in the world. This paper examines the effect of globalization on their communication strategies. The suitability of the different approaches by the companies to their different situations is evaluated. WRITING CORPORATE STRATEGY PAPERS This is a corporate strategy paper comparing the application of social network tools in management by two multinational corporations. Such a paper has a number on online sources of information. You can get such a paper or any other written for you by requesting for a custom written paper here. You are sure to be pleased by your choice. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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