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Management dispute and resolution case study

Published under category: Ordering Custom Papers | 2014-10-18 01:41:57 UTC

Context: Organizational theory and management

Select an organization within the past 5 years IN THE UNITED STATES that has recently had a management labor dispute AND resolution. Indicate the nature of business of the organization, brief history and vision and mission statement. Determine the causes of the dispute, the principles involved in negotiations and the details of the resolution or agreement. Also give your opinion on how negotiations were conducted and resolved. Paper should be a minimum of seven pages with APA references on a separate page All references (books, newspapers, periodicals, internet sources, etc.) should be cited using MLA on a separate page. There should be a maximum of 3 Internet sources and at least 6 sources in total. ORDER THIS OR SIMILAR PAPERS FROM WRITINGSPROORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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