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Colloquy on political arena and development of curriculum

Published under category: Custom Writing | 2014-10-17 07:07:27 UTC

Context: Education and school administration

We begin with Tip O'Neill's famous quote, "All politics is local." From there, for the next two weeks in your third colloquy, I would like you to move into the political arena of curriculum and curriculum development. Part of your previous discussion on subjects has overlapped into this issue, but I would like you to explore the issue in a more focused manner. Now that we have a new administration in office, we'll probably see a lot of discussion of education in politics. To that end I have the following questions as prompts: Which players or constituents of the school should control, dictate, or have input into the curriculum--the state (i.e., politicians and others at the state department), parents, administrators, teachers, students (now there's a novel thought!), tax payers, business and industry, pressure groups, professional organizations? How do we deal with the differential status among areas (subjects/grade levels/etc.)--academic and vocational; core and the arts; elementary, middle and high school; introductory levels and advanced levels? How should curriculum respond to changing social needs? Or should it? Is or should curriculum be a constant (a perennialist notion), or a continually evolving expression of children and mileau (a progressive notion)? TO GET AN A IN SUCH AN ASSIGNMENT, ORDER AT WRITINGSPRO.ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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