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Major architectural figures research paper

Published under category: Writing Ideas | 2014-10-16 02:36:22 UTC

Context: Architecture and building

As a counterpoint to the major architectural / theoretical figures we're covering in class, the following exercise will expose us to various "alternative" visionaries and organization - both past and present. These ventures often prioritize social / sustainable issues, may involve alternative methods of practice and/or construction, and may have been marginalized, with varying degrees of successfully realized projects. Your presentation must include a critique of your subject's premise, its strategy as an organization, and its manifestation in built or unbuilt projects. Please research about Shigeru Ban Your power point presentation will cover the following points: 1.A brief background re:key individuals and/or organization, as well as region of operation. 2.A summary of the subject's organizational structure 3.A succinct summary of your selection's vision, theory and / or mission. 4.A review of the scope/ scale of desired implementation 5. One to three project examples in more detail, Indicating how the above is manifest. 6. A critique re:the premise and realization ( built or unbuilt) ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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