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Immanuel Kant's moral philosohy essay

Published under category: Custom Writing | 2014-10-12 02:08:02 UTC

Context: Philosophy, morals and ethics

Immanuel Kant developed a moral theory that is still very influential today. Anyone who accepts Kant's moral theory rejects the view that a person's actions are good or bad based solely on the consequences of those actions. Instead, Kantians emphasize that a person is praised or blamed for their actions based on the intentions with which they act. In other words, the person's motives are the major factor in determining whether that action is moral. According to Kantians, actions done in accordance with the categorical imperative are moral actions (and the person who performs such actions is a moral person). This imperative makes moral judgments similar to scientific ones because the proper behavior is supposed to be objectively recognizable through the use of reason. Kant's theory also emphasizes the importance of duty. Nature of the concept 1. The first premise is that a person acts morally if his or her conduct would, without condition, be the "right" conduct for any person in similar circumstances (the "First Maxim"). 2. The second premise is that conduct is "right" if it treats others as ends in themselves and not as means to an end (the "Second Maxim"). 3. The conclusion is that a person acts morally when he or she acts as if his or her conduct was establishing a universal law governing others in similar circumstances (the "Third Maxim"). YOU ARE WELCOME TO ASK FOR PHILOSOPHY ESSAY WRITING BY ORDERING A PAPER AT WRITINGSPROORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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