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Poland's socio-economic landscape research paper

Published under category: Academic Paper Writing | 2014-10-12 00:44:44 UTC

Context: National social, economic, and political development

-Population, growth of population -Labor force (distribution of labor in different sectors of the economy) -Level of unemployment and underemployment if applicable (take historical perspective) -Human Development Index Rating -Cost of labor (per hour, per day, per month), also find cost of labor in specific fields (especially in the industry you want to enter) -Skill of labor force (literacy, educational level –percentage that attend elementary, high school, college – technical skills available, managerial talent available, etc.) -Union influence (% of employees represented, role of union, are they powerful? Are strikes typical, do unions work well with management, etc.) -Employment regulations (both Heritage and WB have info on the freedom that companies have in dealing with the workforce) -Language (diversity of languages) -Ethnicity in population, issues between ethnic groups -Gender issues if any (participation of women in workforce) -Religion (diversity of religions practiced), degree to which religion impacts culture -Cultural values a minimum look up Hofstede’s researchORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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