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Financials case study essay prompt

Published under category: Ordering Custom Papers | 2014-10-11 23:26:16 UTC

Context: Accounting and Finance

1. the study case ..... the part you need to do is " 1 TRANSITIONING TO IFRS IN SAP ERP FINANCIALS" in page 4..... Requirement: Prepare a report (1,500 to 2,000 words) in which you: a) Briefly explain what the challenges of an IFRS conversion are in an SAP environment and which tools SAP offers to support the conversion; b) In particular (and in more detail), explain how segments, profit centres, document splitting, parallel ledgers, and depreciation areas can be used to address the challenges of IFRS; c) Suggest how IFRS conversion projects in an SAP environment can/may be organised (in terms of project steps, project management, etc.). .............. 2. the second file is the past assignment to give you an overview........ 3. the 3rd file is the subject study guide..... 4. the 4th and 5th files resources related to the assignment...... YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT WEBSITEORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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