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An essay prompt on behavioral studies

Published under category: Custom Writing | 2014-10-11 03:54:55 UTC

Context: Sociology, criminology, and behavioral studies

1. A group of researchers have developed an indicator that predicts future violent criminal behavior in children. The indicator is comprised of genetic testing, MRI scans, socialization factors, geography, gender, race and intelligence, and is purported to be 85% accurate in predicting future violent behavior. Law enforcement agencies have asked these researchers to release their findings and methodology so that they may use this research in crime control. You have been asked to testify as an expert for a review board on the ethical implications of such research. Write a short essay either supporting or refuting the use of such an indicator. You might consider the following questions: What is the proper or ethical use of technology in terms of both ensuring public safety as well as protecting individual liberties? How might the use of such an indicator mirror current trends in criminal justice? What is the proper role of social science in terms of contributing to or determining public policy and law enforcement? Remember, this research will be used to identify “future” criminals, not those who have already committed crimes. In your argument, draw from the readings we have looked at so far this semester, as well as any other readings you choose to consult. BE SURE to back up your argument with specific facts. For example, you might use Wolfgang’s famous notion of the 6% to argue that such an indicator would not constitute an undue imposition for the majority of people, who would benefit from the identification and treatment of potentially violent criminals. Conversely, you might look at some of Williams’ discussion of social class, race and crime to consider who would be most impacted by the use of such technologies. You may also use outside sources as needed. (10 points) 2. Property crimes in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Britain generally decreased for a protracted period between the mid 1990s and mid or late 2000s. Using materials from the readings, lectures and any other outside sources you choose, provide AT LEAST two possible explanations for these cross-national trends. Make sure to back up your explanations with material from the texts and/or lecture notes, giving special attention how each explanation specifically factors into the reduction of property crime. (10 points) 3. Trait theorists argue that biological and psychological factors play a role in behavioral orientation, especially related to aggressive, violent or anti-social behavior. Social structure theorists, however, counter with the fact that, as Larry Siegel notes, “People living in equivalent social environments tend to behave in a similar, predictable fashion. If the environment did not influence human behavior, then crime rates would be distributed equally across the social structure, which they are not.” Using the readings and any outside resources you choose, formulate what you think would be the best response from the perspective of trait theory to this criticism of social structure theorists.You may also use outside sources as needed WE CAN COMPLETE THIS AND SIMILAR ESSAYS ON THIS PLATFORM ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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