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Business intelligence dissertation guideline

Published under category: Sample Academic Papers | 2014-10-05 16:30:40 UTC

Context: Business intelligence and customer retention

1. Identify any one organization you know well. How can this organization benefit from the four business intelligence capabilities? Identify the specific benefits, and how the four capabilities contribute to them. 2. For the organization you selected for the first question, explain how business intelligence would improve their Customer Service function. 3. For the organization you selected for the first question, briefly explain the technologies that facilitate organizational memory capabilities. 4. Read BI in Practice 1.3, “BI Helps eCourier seek Customer Happiness” from Chapter 1. Which business capabilities seem to be the important ones in the case of eCourier, and why? 5. Construct a hypothetical example to show how BI can lead to improved customer service in an organization, under ideal circumstances. For the organizational context, use any one of the three examples presented at the start of Chapter 1, or an organization that you work at or have worked at in the past. WRITING BUSINESS DISSERTATION PAPERS This guideline is for a business paper. The particular essay has a guideline along which ideas are to be written. Although dissertations have their specific format, it is necessary t follow the guideline. Order a paper on this website to have it written according to your instructions. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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