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How to write a pretend interview

Published under category: Ordering Custom Papers | 2014-10-05 10:57:11 UTC

Context: Interviews and surveys

You are to do a pretend interview, where you will learn from an adult educator about how he or she designs and facilitates group work. Make the most of it by planning carefully and refining your interview skills. You are to write an essay addressing the following key points: The adult educator name The setting and context of the adult educator’s practice Adult educator's role The adult learners with whom the educator works (who they are, experience they bring, strengths, challenges, etc.) Advice or strategies for planning effective group work Advice or strategies for facilitating content effectively Your reflections with regard to working in this setting Include references to the interview and Learning Resources to support your thinking. Interview Questions • Please tell me about your professional background and how long you have been working with adult learners. • Tell me about the professional life of an adult educator in the setting or settings in which you work with adult learners. • From your experience, what are advantages of working in this setting? The disadvantages? • How has your work changed during the time in which you have been involved? How do you see the field of working with adults in the early childhood field changing in the future — such as trends that may impact it? • Tell me about the adult learners with whom you work. • My coursework this week has focused on planning effective group work with adult learners. I have examined strategies and techniques for inquiry-based learning, project-based learning, problem-based learning, case studies, and experiential learning through role-play and simulations. Please describe the types of small-group learning formats that you use in your program, including those I have mentioned or other formats. • What do you see as the advantages of group work for adult learners? For the adult educator? The disadvantages? • What are the most important considerations when planning effective group work with adult learners? What practices, strategies, and/or advice would you recommend for planning effective group work to achieve optimal cooperation and collaboration among the group members? • What advice can you give me regarding group work? • What has helped you to grow the most as an adult educator in your field? What preparation and practices would you recommend to help me do the same? You must use the following references below: Each reference must have an intext citation. There are to be no quoted referencing used for this essay, and there are to be no outside resources as well. PRETEND INTERVIEW WRITING This is a typical pretend interview for college , high school or university evaluation. will write such a paper for you when you order.ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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