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A report on desalination in california

Published under category: Writing Ideas | 2014-10-05 10:16:53 UTC

Context: Academic report writing

Professor’s instructions: This progress report will be 3-pages, double-spaced, and should be broken up into 3 parts: literature summary, work accomplished, work planned. In this first progress report you may mostly have literature to report. Work accomplished and work planned sections are fairly self-explanatory. In the "literature summary" sections I would like for you to summarize the key sources that you have read. In the most recent lecture I covered some strategies for summarizing literature. By going through this process now, you will save a lot of time later while putting together your Project Report. The progress reports are intended for you to tell me how things are going. Feel free to report that you have run into roadblocks, as overcoming those is an important part of the research process. I need to see that you have been working on your project, but understand that sometimes your work may not pan out exactly as expected. Progress Reports Summary 3 Pages Double-spaced. Brief citations can count- do not count half-page references. 1" margins 12pt, Times New Roman or Calibri font Break up into 3 sections with subheadings: Literature Summary, Work Accomplished, Work Planned. CUSTOM REPORT WRITING This is a typical report question and instruction. order such reports at writingspro and you will get an A class paper.ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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