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Report writing on Carrefour Management Strategies

Published under category: Academic Paper Writing | 2014-10-05 00:10:04 UTC

Context: Report writing on large or fortune 500 companies

Introduction: Carrefour is a French retailer operating in several countries in the world. Its biggest markets are situated in Asia and South America. However, the country operates outlets in Europe, particularly France. Several strategies have made Carrefour’s success possible. On the other hand, the company also suffers some problems that threaten its dominance in the retail business. In general, Carrefour has been one of the most successful retailers in the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries. 1. How is a strategic plan defined and what examples can you provide the board from your chosen company? A Strategic plan is a detailed outline of the future intentions of an organization. This outline analyzes the position of the business entity in question. In addition, it defines the measures that are to be applied by the business entity in order to move in the desired direction (Grünig & Kühn 54). Thus, the strategic plan is the company’s definition of the activities to be undertaken in order to achieve the goals of the organization. It includes the policies that the company intends to use in order to attain its goals. The policies are related to management of finance, human resources, suppliers, and the relationships between the organization and its customers (Grünig & Kühn 49). In addition, stiff competition and cultural inadequacies have made the company to exit several countries after selling all their stores. However, with changes in the strategies of the company, it can continue to be one of the biggest retailers in the world. ACADEMIC REPORT WRITING ON SPECIFIC ORGANIZATIONS When writing an academic report focusing on one company or organization, there are several factors that determine the structure and format of the writing. The size and complexity of the organization affect the structure of the report. In addition, professor’s instructions are to be adhered to. While some reports may not be specific on the particulars of the organization that are to be documented, others may have instructions or questions to be answered. Such reports have a specific format and structure that answers the questions properly. Sources are still to be acknowledged despite the popularity or the public knowledge of the organization being researched upon. For a custom written report, you need to order the paper from this writing service. .. .. .. .. .. ..



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