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Nursing Philosophy essay

Published under category: Writing Help Convenience | 2014-10-04 23:35:27 UTC

Context: Nursing Ethics and philosophy

I was born In1972 in a conservative society in a third world country. This society, which had its functions divided according to traditional ideologies and culture, had great influence on my perspective of life while growing up. My culturally oriented belief was that women were not meant to have professional ambitions in prestigious careers. Thus, they were supposed to be limited to those professions that were considered to be of little importance in the society. Nursing was one of those professions I considered reserved for women. When I visited a hospital one day to have a wound treated, I experienced a life-changing event. A male nurse, one of the few in my country during my childhood, attended to the cut I had sustained. Surprisingly, he was sensitive enough to ask if the wound was painful. He even sought my opinion on how the dressing of the wound should look. It was unusual for a qualified healthcare expert to seek the opinion of a patient in those days. This was compounded by the fact this was a male nurse. This event was fundamental in making my decision to pursue a career in nursing in future. Later, I went on to study practical nursing, which I practiced for seven years. I have now been a registered nurse for one year, and I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing science. My reason for studying further is to gain more knowledge about the nursing profession. This knowledge is critical in realizing the full potential of the natural gift of nursing (McSherry, 2002). For me, the nursing discipline requires academic knowledge and practical experience to learn how to adapt to the different situations in professional practice. Enhanced education and professionalism combined with a personal approach to nursing will perfect my nursing skills. In this essence, the course I am undertaking to enhance my knowledge of the nursing discipline is crucial for development of my profession. Although my studies are meant to increase professional knowledge alone, I intend to combine this knowledge with a personal approach to the field of nursing. Nursing is a scientific field normally appreciated in the healthcare setting. This contemporary view is based on the awareness of gender equality and professionalism (McSherry, 2002). While many people may regard nursing as a subordinate discipline to other professions that are synonymous with healthcare, it is important to note that the professional essence of nursing is quite different. This means that nursing is an independent body of knowledge with its own principles separate from those of the doctors who practice clinical and surgical medicine (Rubenfeld & Scheffer, 2010). Several values and beliefs govern the nursing profession. For a person to execute nursing duties with efficiency, one has to possess the natural ability to listen to a patient who might not be in a position to express his or her current situation properly. Moreover, this gift has to be nurtured to adapt to the situations of many different patients. This gift combined with academic knowledge and professionalism results to performance and accomplishment (Rubenfeld & Scheffer, 2010). Another value of the nursing profession is patience. A person with health problems might seem to be unresponsive to a nurse’s queries. Moreover, the patient might be demanding due to the suffering that he or she might be undergoing. Thus, the nurse has to be patient enough to wait for a patient to respond to treatment or any other therapeutic procedure. I also believe that the nursing profession requires sacrifice. It may not be possible to outline the duties that are required of a nurse formally. Thus, it is important for a nurse to be willing to engage in work that is not his or her official duty. WRITING PERSONAL OPINION ESSAYS Writing a paper on personal philosophy requires preparation just like any other custom paper. If a writer starts writing such a paper without a plan, ideas become erratic and writing is disorganized. Although the ideas written about in such paper are personal and available, human brains do not retrieve information in a format. It follows that information must be organized before it is written into a document. Further, quotes and supporting information must be referenced and cited to acknowledge the contribution of the sources to your opinions. Formal presentation of the essay is also required to conform to academic standards. Your personal philosophy essay will be completed here by seasoned writers at your request. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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