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An exam on hinduism

Published under category: Custom Writing | 2015-05-28 02:50:31 UTC

Context: Religious Studies

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  1. Create a single Thread (name it whatever you like) and tell us the following based on the readings and lectures (citations are welcome, and speci´Čücity is required):

a) What was most difficult for you to understand about either Hinduism or Theravada Buddhism?

The idea of Karma is very fascinating. It is interesting that there is a higher power that ensures everyone gets justice and fair treatment. However, understanding to what extent this concept is applicable has proven to be hard. It is common to think that the term is about the results or the misfortune that befall someone. Kama operates on the concept of cause and effect, and that is to say should something happen then there is an equal and resultant effect but it is not in the state of justice but natural effect (Young).

b) What was the most thought provoking or interesting idea or concept you encountered with Hinduism or Theravada Buddhism?

Buddhism has a very interesting concept of rebirth as a part of its philosophy. It has always explained the rebirth as the transfer of one’s soul from one life to the next. That is a common knowledge as far as rebirth is concerned. However, through the books one learns something different. According to the doctrine of anatman there are things within us that do not exist in rebirth since they cannot survive death (Young).

c) Do a quick google search with these search terms: “Hinduism” + “[your hometown/region]” - What kind of results do you get? Is there a Hindu community or organizations in your area?

The research showed that the area has a few Hindu communities and a good number to. It is interesting that the community has had this large number of Hindus in the areas. Considering that the areas are mostly known for the Islam and Christin community it is interesting that the community has accepted this number of Indians among them, and they coexist in peace.

Question 2

The idea of rebirth is a sensitive topic in the Hindu community. It is an idea that brings out so many question some answerable some not, and some are still mysteries that are yet to be solved. Kama is a factor that has been in cooperated into the idea of rebirth. It is claimed that someone can gain higher rebirth by the Law of Manu and so it stands to argue that someone has no specific higher level of rebirth. Suffering is not only a form of punishment or associated to Kama as the only force that shapes the lives of the individuals (Young).

Work Cited

Young, William A. The World's Religions: Worldviews and Contemporary Issues, 3rd edition . New Jersey: Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2010.



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