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Reflection paper

Published under category: Sample Essays | 2015-05-28 02:40:49 UTC

Context: Reflection and reactions

 It is interesting that an athlete would do anything to maintain performance at this high level no matter what or no matter the pain, they are undergoing in the process. Over conformity is the notion that has generally been accepted throughout the generations of sports. The reasons for over conformity have been placed in the minds of the players by their coaches and the fans that surround these players. A player would play with an injury and still perform to the expectations of their team. A player comes back from a serious injury to the level of performance he initially was playing. A player would be pushing himself to attain the fitness level that he knows is beyond him, at the same time, the player may be subjected to exercise to attain the achievement and acceptance of a team or a slot in the high athlete levels. Therefore, this paper looks at the issue of deviant conformity that has become a menace in the field of sports.

The reasons that have driven players to such level of thinking would entail many people. It is every player’s dream to be selected or accepted into a team that they have always wanted to join. On the other hand, the attraction of sponsors and the fact that coaches help in the selection of team players encourages such behaviors. Commentators talk and praise the over conformity of the players and their courage and commitment to the team, which instigates the inner drive to achieve and maintain the public praise. Players are pushed and, as a result, develop low self-esteem and with a willingness to do anything to attain public and team acceptance. It is interesting that the members of the team are made to believe that they are offered a chance for achievement and the establishment of oneself in any level of completion and performance.

In controlling this behavior, it would only mean identifying the party that benefits from the efforts that a player puts. Should a player decide to conform to deviant over conformity, the coaches, the sponsors, owners of the team, and the parents are to benefit. However, in controlling, those who benefit from the play would suggest that they establish an acceptance limit. The limit can only be achieved by drawing a line that they would establish and control so that the players are never pushed to such limits. Moreover, the change can be established in the way their players are regarded by the commentators and the society about their performances. Setting limits is not within the spot ethics; consequently, the coaches need to have an obligation of eliminating the social separation. By breaking the notion among the players that the society are out to get them and that they need to stick together. The biggest challenge, however, would be the reduction of the separation and alteration of social processes. The coaches are out to attain real perfection, which is only attained at the expense of the team members. The attainment of such levels of performance would mean that the coaches protect the players and the team that they form.

Factors that affect sports would include family ties, education pressure, the media and other channels of media, politics, religion and cultural practices, the social settings that players are established. Since they are part of a community, and their performance standards the society deems perfect are factors always to prioritize. Should one choose to control such behavior then these factors are considered. Additionally, consideration in the attainment of protection of the members and the dignity of the sport has to acquire much emphasis. Sport in the many senses has always been a moral game and should never lose that credibility.



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