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Research paper on Consequentialism

Published under category: Writing Ideas | 2015-05-21 00:32:36 UTC

Context: Ethics

Consequentialism is a branch of normative ethics that considers actions to be morally right or wrong depending on what the consequences of those actions are. Basically, an action is considered right under consequentialism if it maximizes the amount of goodness and morally wrong if it minimizes the amount of goodness in the world. Act utilitarianism is the most popular version of consequentialism because it embraces the principle of utility as the ultimate moral standard. The principle of utility states that an action is necessary or right when it contributes the most to the overall well being of an individual compared to any other action under the same circumstances. Consequentialism differs from rival approaches to ethics in a number of ways. For Instance, consequentilaism differs from contractarianism in the sense that contractarianism does not emphasize on the consequences of an action when judging its rightness or wrongness but instead bases the rightness of an action on whether the action is permitted by equal and free rules or regulations that have to be also embraced by other people. Consequentialism also differs from proceduralism because proceduralism also does not concentrate on the consequences of an action but bases the moral rightness of an action on a written procedure that outlines the steps to be taken when distinguishing right from wrong. Moreover, it differs from Kant’s moral philosophy, which bases the moral rightness of a person's action on a rationality standard which he christened the “categorical imperatives.” Categorical imperatives are basically requirements of reason that are applicable to all individuals regardless of their desires. I consider consequentalialism to be a plausible school of thought but only in certain situations. For example if one tells a lie in order to save the life of another human being, then the lie would be morally right but if one cheats in order to pass examinations, it would be wrong to consider the cheating action as morally right.ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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