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A picture analysis essay

Published under category: Custom Writing | 2014-10-03 22:10:04 UTC

Context: Art, sculpture and Picture analysis

James River Engravings: The colored picture showing the burning port of Richmond has several contrasting colors. The background is painted in shades of orange while the foreground has the shades of grey and a little color blue. The contrast between the bright colors in the background and the dark colors in the foreground implies that the smaller bright objects in the background are further than the bold dark objects in the foreground. The width of the river separates the two contrasting banks. However, the bridge and the impressions on it indicate that there is a movement from the bright bank to the dark one. The impression of distance is depicted by the bridge through the contrast of its color against the river (Wood 45). The converging impression of the bridge indicates that the river is wide. The point of start of the bridge crossing is at the converging end while the wider end is clearer and appears to be nearer the observer. The people in the converging end of the bridge cannot be clearly seen. The obscurity of these people is intended to create an impression of their distance from the foreground. Thus, the separation by the river is big. Both images are asymmetrical (Wood 61). In the second picture showing the view of the port of Virginia, there is lack of color. Only a shade is used for the picture in the foreground. Large patches of dark grey contrast with the bright shades of white in the background. The sharp contrast implies distance. The concept of distance is also amplified by the gradual transition between the dark shades and the bright shades. This is particularly so on the surface of the river. While the waves painted using the dark shade are clearly visible, those that are illustrated using the bright shade are barely discernible. Again, this difference implies that there is great distance across the surface of the river. Comparison of James River Paintings and Lorraine’s Work Lorraine’s painting, the Judgment of Paris, depicts a landscape scene. The painting is colored, and the style of contrast is used on it. The sky in the background outlines the landscape (Lorraine 1). In this picture, the contrast does not imply distance. This is because the color transition in the picture is not gradual. Furthermore, the flowing lines that feature in the James River paintings are not used by Lorraine in his painting. On the other hand, there are similarities in the paintings. The colored James River painting tells a story of war and confusion as people are shown moving away from the blazing town (Deans 23). On the other hand, Lorraine’s colored painting, the Judgment of Paris, tells a story too. In this painting, there is a contest between gods over the goddess Paris. This story is a myth. Another image by Lorraine, La Apparition, is painted in a shade of grayish brown hue. It corresponds to the painting of the port of Virginia on James River. However, this painting lacks the impression of distance too (Lorraine 3). The contrast between the dark shade and the white shade is explicit. Thus, the color transition is sharp. The background does not seem to be far away. In addition, a vague figure can be noticed in the dark shade. The meaning of the image is hidden in the enigmatic impression (Wood 82). Moreover, the image has many asymmetric features. On the other hand, the painting of the port of Virginia shows boats and ships which can be identified easily. High level of symmetry is also present in the impression of the port of Virginia. PICTURE ANALYSIS WRITING TIPS In visual art, analysis is an everyday task, and students are required to understand all aspects of artwork. Such understanding is essential in writing analysis essays. In particular, the student should understand all categories of analysis essays. Since most valued and investigated pictures are old or ancient. An analysis essay requires extensive knowledge of history of the particular art and artist, and this is just one category. An essay on art work may require analysis of technique, material, style, symbolism, cultural influence, political influence and many other aspects. Therefore, the writer should be well informed on art and the specific genre. Have your picture analysis essay or any other analysis done here for an outstanding grade. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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