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Research paper: Driver safety, Texting Laws and the impact of collisions caused by texting

Published under category: Essay Writing Tips | 2015-05-20 23:51:27 UTC

Context: Road safety

Custom writing services are experiencing an influx of texting while driving paper orders. If you are wondering, “Who will write my paper”, Ask for your paper from this assignment help service. Accidents caused by driver distraction due to use of cellular phones are on the rise. CDC’s National Youth Risk Behavior survey that was conducted between September 2012 and December 2013 revealed that technology-related health issues had gone up to surpass typical concerns like fighting, smoking and sexual activity (Lynch, 2014). The results indicated 41 percent of students that drove a vehicle during that period emailed or texted while driving (Lynch, 2014). This is despite the ongoing nationwide campaign that is meant to raise awareness about texting while driving and its related dangers. The survey compared the results with those who consumed alcohol and drove (35 percent), and those who used marijuana and drove (23 percent). The comparison reveals that texting while driving has become the new problem that needs to be discouraged as it results in most of the accidents that are taking place in the US. Lynch (2014) notes that a total of 3,331 people died in 2011 as a result of distracted driving accidents. These accidents occurred because the drivers were either talking or texting while driving. A number of states have, therefore, moved to pass laws that bar the use of electronic communication devices while driving. The states have also organized awareness campaigns that highlight the dangers of texting while driving. The state of Louisiana has moved forward to curb the accidents that occur as a result of texting while driving by passing laws that outlaw the behavior. Laws in Louisiana State have been amended to bar school bus drivers and novice drivers (learners without permit or drivers under 18 years) from using cellular phones while driving (Louisiana Cell Phone Laws, n.p.). The laws have also placed a total prohibition to all drivers on texting while driving. The Louisiana traffic officials say that this move will bring down cases of accidents that occur due to distraction. Statistics in Louisiana from a study conducted by Louisiana State University indicate that over 2,000 accidents that were reported in the state occurred as a result of cell phone distractions. Out of the 2,000 accidents, 500 cases were as a result of texting (Louisiana Cell Phone Laws, n.p.). The laws passed have got stiff penalties that will deter drivers from engaging in the habit. Drivers found to be texting while driving will be fined up to 175 dollars, for first offenders, and 500 dollars for subsequent offenses (Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, 2010). The Louisiana State cell phone laws are considered primary laws hence officers will be able to pull down drivers for text messaging offenses without necessarily witnessing any other violation. The Louisiana cell phone law was passed in order to seal the loophole that existed before where drivers caught texting would get out of texting-and –driving tickets by arguing that they were either using Twitter or Facebook, hence were not breaking any law. The new legislation, therefore, prohibits any form of cell phone text communication while driving. Apart from Louisiana, there are other states that have also banned the texting while driving. Eleven states have completely banned the use of cell phones while driving (Foley, 2013). That implies that drivers are not allowed to use social media, text, dial or take photos while driving. Drivers will need to have a hands-free mechanism, like Bluetooth, to use their cell phones. Texting while driving poses grave danger not only to the driver, but also other users of roads. A number of accidents occur that claim innocent lives as a result of drivers’ distraction by use of hand-held cell phones while driving. Studies conducted indicate that texting while driving has become a major cause of accidents among teenagers, more than drinking and driving cases. Teenagers have openly admitted to texting while driving. The number of teenagers dying due to texting related cases has gone up as the use of mobile technology also skyrockets. Research conducted by Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New Hyde Park indicates that approximately 3,000 annual teenager deaths nationwide, as well as 300,000 injuries occur as a result of texting while driving (Ricks, 2013). The statistics indicate that cases of accidents occurring due to driver distraction as a result of cell phone use while driving have become a national catastrophe, and the trend needs to be reversed. Campaigns sponsored by safety organizations have erected banners and conducted nationwide campaigns that seek to educate drivers on the dangers of using cellphones while driving. Distracted driving results in the delay of the driver’s reaction time, the same way it occurs to drivers who are legally drunk. Studies have indicated that drivers who receive or send text messages put their attention away for 4.6 seconds (AA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 2008). If a person is driving at a speed of 55 miles per hour, it will be equivalent to driving approximately 100 meters while blindfolded. The statistics reveal that incidences of texting while driving are on the rise hence resulting on accidents that lead to death and injuries. The cell phone use laws passed by different states in the United States are, therefore, timely in order to reduce the accident incidences. References AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. (2008). Cell Phones and Driving: Research Update. Washington, DC. Foley, D. (4 June, 2013). “Louisiana Texting While Driving Laws Get New Addition.” Keel. Retrieved from Lynch, D. 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