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Final paper: Final exam short answers

Published under category: Writing Ideas | 2015-05-20 23:34:34 UTC

Context: Natural Resources

PART I 1. While some may think of forest and natural resources management as an endeavor with a narrow purpose, we have discovered in our readings, field trips and class discussions that forest and natural resource management activities vary widely and are largely driven by organizational mission and legislative authority. Identify and briefly discuss the primary mission or purpose of the following organizations. a. Washington State Department of Natural Resources b. Green Diamond Resource Company c. United States Forest Service d. National Park Service. e. Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust National Park Service is concerned with the Yellowstone national park. It is considered to be among the oldest and richest areas that have been claimed to have the geysers and hot springs. The magnificent mountain wild-land is filled with clean water air. The park is home to the grizzly bear, wolf, and free-ranging herds of bison and elk. Buildings rated to be more than a century years old, and that reflect the unique heritage of America’s first national parks that fall under its protection too. Yellowstone national park serves as a model and inspiration for national parks throughout the world. The national park Service preserves unimpaired these and other natural and cultural resources and values for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations. Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust is a group whose foundations are based the grounds of leading and inspiring action to conserve and enhance the landscape from Seattle across the Cascade Mountains to central Washington, ensuring a long-term balance between people and nature. It is not only nature that is to be considered when creating an interrelationship in the environment. The human aspect is essential and it is directly affected by the environment this is what the organization is after saving. 2. Select one of the organizations from above and discuss one example of the legislative authority that guides the organizations land management programs. In other words, identify a specific law and/or policy and what specifically it directs the organization to do. The Green Diamond resource company operates under the habitat conservation plan. It is a part of an application for an incidental takes permit. The part of the United States Endangered species act to prevent cooperates from a hostile takeover of natural resources and protection of indigenous and native environment. Over the years that they have operated they have maintained the identity of the group through this line of thinking. The passing and the accusation of this law within their operation are among the landmark achievements of this organization in the fight to maintain natural resources. 3. Throughout the quarter we have examined the idea of sustainability and the challenges of managing forested landscapes in a sustainable manner. Select one of the landscape types along the urban to wild-land gradient we discussed this quarter and identify a land management situation or action where meeting the three dimensions of sustainability in an equal fashion would be difficult. Be specific about the management action and equally specific about how each of the sustainability dimensions would measure up against the management action. Urbanization is a great factor that is affecting most of the urban areas. It is a factor that is a challenge to forest and natural resource management. It stands to show how human population is causing damage to the natural resources in the area. Population increase results in to clearing land for construction, for cultivation and also for finding fuel for their everyday generation of heat. Pollution is another factor to consider. Urban areas are infested with both air and water pollution. This is a factor to consider when talking about urban forest management. Management of forests close enough to the urban areas has to consider this possibility before it conclusive on what action to take. First of all the procedure the planning and the control of the society all is, in a way, leading to management of the forests in the urban areas. PART II 4. Recently the Obama administration reinstated the ban on further road construction on U.S. Forest Service lands. This overturns the program of the Bush administration, which had overturned the program of the Clinton administration. Give one reason that would provide support for the position to ban further roadingon Forest Service lands. Also, give one reason that would provide support for the position to permit further roading on Forest Service lands. Those against the road construction where arguing that the area had nine hundred and twenty two municipal watersheds in the national forest. Creation of roads in the area is primarily the cause of denigrating water quality in the area. Should the roads are constructed then the watersheds are being put at harm’s way thus making such ventures unprofitable to the municipality. Arguments for were in favor of such development since it would have made most areas accessible in the forest. It was the suggestion of the opponents that those touring the park would have easy access to the forest. The debates were to ensure that the Bush administrative does not come out to have done the wrong thing. In the end, the arguments to keep the president from overturning the directive was overruled all because they presented a weak argument. PART III 5. According to the Future of Washington’s Forests Report, timber harvest declined by 40 percent in the past fifteen years on all ownerships including private timber companies, federal Forest Service and state Department of Natural Resources. Identify and briefly discuss two factors that might cause this timber harvest decline. Deforestation may be one of the factors that have led to the reduced percentage of timber harvest. The number of illegal logging in forests has increased a great number, and it is continually leading to the forests depletion. The rate has increased and through the fifteen years it effect has been felt. Over the years, the number of loggers has greatly increased, and those are the numbers that have been accounted for a number not accounted for also has increased. The rate of producing enough trees from the environment to accommodate the increase has not been stable enough. The number of trees has reduced, and the turnover also reduced drastically. Urbanization is also another factor that has lead to the reduced coverage of forests and clearing to create room for settlement. 6. Washington’s forests have an abundant supply of woody biomass. Using some of this renewable resource for heat, power, and fuel will play an important role in Washington’s emerging green economy and help address climate change. Removing biomass from forests in ecologically sustainable ways can provide income for forest landowners while improving forest health, creating jobs in rural parts of the state, and reducing wildfire risk and greenhouse gas emissions. Briefly discuss two reasons why the biomass for energy proposal may face implementation challenges. The development of biomass effectively has many challenges that would range from supply availability to sustainability. The technology that would be needed to ensure adequate extraction, incentives, capital availability is but among the challenges that would be experienced should the project materialize. However, with a good plan put in place the project can pick up and be used effectively in the provision of essential energy sources. Just like every other project it has the logistic problems that are within the organization and the government in accusation of permits to carry out the is among the projects for the future in the provision of enough fuel and energy for the population. It generates energy and at the same time helps maintain the natural resources and nature in general. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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