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An essay on the the play Abdulbuj

Published under category: Ordering Custom Papers | 2015-05-19 21:09:09 UTC

Context: Drama and Theatre

In the production of the play Abdulbuj, the writer integrates the contemporary styles as part of the performance. It is an exciting experience to relate with the current issues in the social groupings. However, the play lacks a climax that makes an audience anticipate for the scene that follows. Additionally, the play also lacks suspense and originality of the producer in relation to the themes being addressed. The script, however, is a great masterpiece as the interpretation suits the play. The analysis of the script serves the public as it uses diction that is easily understandable, and the progression of the play is easy to follow. The leader emphasized on casting, which is a great tool in captivating the attention of the public. In appreciating the role of a leader, it better suits the purpose by identifying their roles in the production of the play. The actors, however, played their various roles with a satisfactory mastery of their role adding more interest in the various scenes of the movie. Could I see everything? Well, the lighting of the play matched the play and the actors that were used in the different scenes. The lighting system also matched the different scenes that are in the play. In addition to making the play get the attention of the public, there was a slow background music, which elevated the impulse of the play and the themes used. In general, the play was a reality that brought into play a relationship from the real world. With the progression of the play, the themes developed progressively one after another with a professional approach both from the actors and the director. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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