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An essay on Freddie Mercury

Published under category: Academic Paper Writing | 2015-05-19 20:46:44 UTC

Context: Music: Rock

Farrokkh Bulsara, the man who was later to become the celebrated rock legend, Freddie Mercury, was born on September 1946 in the island of Zanzibar, Africa. His parents were of Persian origin. The father was called Bomi Bulsara and worked as a civil servant in the British government stationed as a court cashier. His mother was called Jer Bulsara. Freddie had a sister who was born 6 years later (Jones 10). This paper is aimed at describing the life of this famous rock star from his early childhood through to his stardom days up until his death. While aged eight years, Freddie was enrolled in a boarding school in India called St Peters Boarding School. The friends that he made while there, gave him the nickname Freddie, which the family adopted and stuck as his new identity. Freddie took up interest in sporting activities such as boxing, sprint and hockey. He disliked the English sports, which were the most common as the boarding school was English oriented such as cricket and long distanced running. He went on to bag the title of table tennis champion in the school when just aged ten. In addition, Freddie was passionate about art and sketched for his family and friends. Apart from art and sports, Freddie was also very avid when it came to music. His father had an old record player where he spent most of his time paying records, mostly Indian music, as it was more available and occasionally western music. He is said to have had a habit of stacking the singles so that they could play constantly. His obsession with music was evident to a point where he preferred music to school work (Messina 56). Freddie’s musical talent was spotted by his principal, who went on to suggest to his parents that they consider paying for his musical tuition as he had potential. His parents bought in to the idea and Freddie enrolled into piano classes. In addition, he joined the school choir and partook in the schools theatrical productions. He did excellently in his piano lessons, showing skill and determination to achieve Grade IV in both theory and practical. In the year 1958, Freddie together with four other friends, founded the school’s first rock’n roll band. The band’s name was the Hectics. They played at small-organized parties and school functions. After finishing his studies in 1962, Freddie returned to his birthplace. He spent his time there with friends. His family would later migrate to England, following the political unrest in the region that saw British and Indian citizens opt to leave the country. They took refuge among relatives in Middlesex after which they found their permanent home. By then Freddie was seventeen years old and enrolled in Isleworth Polytechnic in order to secure an A Level, which was crucial for his enrollment into an art college (Messina 80-100). Freddie worked odd jobs during his vacations to earn some extra money from catering to working in warehouses. His co-workers claimed that his charming charisma was so good that they offered to do his work for him so that he could not injure his delicate looking hands for the sake of his music career. After graduating from the polytechnic, he went on to enroll at the Ealing College of Art where he studied graphic illustrating. Freddie who by then had moved from his parent’s home to live with a friend in Kensington, became an ardent fan of Jimi Hendrix, the rising rock n’ roll sensation making headlines at the time. He became obsessed with his new hero and would constantly draw and frame his portraits, which he would decorate his walls with (Jones 55). At the college, Freddie established a close friendship with Tim Staffell, a bass player in a local rock band. The band members’ skills and techniques impressed Freddie who used to accompany Tim to their rehearsals. This inspired him to experiment with music for the first time. Freddie graduated with a diploma from the college in 1969 and worked for several local newspapers. He had a small establishment where he sold his artwork together with his former schoolmates. Freddie was later introduced to Ibex, which was a Liverpool based band in London. His enthusiasm for the band was so great that he managed to secure a debut performance with the band in Bolton. They were later to have internal wrangles as a result of Freddie suggesting a name change for the band. Further blows occurred when the drummer departed the band and after struggling for events for a while, the band split and faded into oblivion. Freddie began to search for another band. He signed up for vocalist auditions advertised by the band Sour Milk Sea. They were impressed by his singing skills and stage theatrics. As a member of the band once recalls, Freddie possessed the ability to give the audience a captivating show. He possessed such a charisma, which was coupled with a beautiful voice and a good appearance and made him a crowd’s favorite when on stage. He secured the job and went on to become the lead for the band. Owing to insecurity reasons as Freddie and Chris Chesney, the band’s other vocalist and guitarist close friendship, Jeremy who played the rhythm guitar in the band and owned all their equipment withdraw from the band, leading to its split. However, Tim Staffell would later leave Smile, which provided Freddie with the opportunity to fill in as the lead singer. This followed the change of the band’s name to Queen and also his own name to Mercury. This was in 1970. What followed was a success story for Queen as Freddie who had good skills in writing music, authored their first hit single, Seven Seas of Rhye. The bad received successful airplay. However, it was the hit song that Freddie wrote titled Bohemian Rhapsody that would skyrocket the band to stardom, dominating the charts for nearly 9 weeks. His cameo performances with the Royal Ballet in 1979, where he performed while doing ballet for the first time saw him receive standing innovation from the overjoyed crowd (Mercury, Brooks, and Lupton 76). Queen came to a consensus to take a break from each other and pursue solo careers in 1982. Freddie saw this as the perfect opportunity to try out a solo career and proceeded to record a track for a movie that was being directed at the time. The solo single was released in 1984. After a couple of releases, his debut solo album, Mr. Bad Guy was released in 1985. Freddie and his former band Queen were scheduled to perform at Live Aid, the biggest concerts in their history. They proceeded to steal the show. Freddie is said to have been open about his bisexuality. He had met and lived with Mary Austin for seven years earlier in 1970. However, he was secretive about his relationships. He was also a flamboyant man who collected expensive art. He also threw and hosted lavish parties (Martens 272). Rumors about his health began to spread in 1989, owing to his absence at the tours and promotion events Queen were having for their new album, Innuendo. Later, he released a statement in 1991 revealing that he had tested positive for HIV and had AIDs. He was pronounced dead the following day owing to a bronchial pneumonia. Freddie Mercury is to date remembered and celebrated as one of the greatest and influential rock stars. Posthumous releases have proceeded to win awards as well as being organized for commemoration ceremonies to celebrate this legend. References Jones, Lesley. Mercury: an intimate biography of Freddie Mercury. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2012. Print. Martens, W. H. J. "Two Souls in one Breast—A Case Report of the Rock Star Double." American journal of psychotherapy 65.3 (2011): 267-279. Mercury, Freddie, Greg Brooks, and Simon Lupton. Freddie Mercury: his life in his own words. London: Omnibus Press, 2008. Print. Messina, Charles. Mercury: The Afterlife and Times of a Rock God. Original Works Publishing, 2013. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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