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Short Essay Questions

Published under category: Writing Ideas | 2015-05-19 12:25:19 UTC

Context: Literature review of short stories

1. First Question In William Faulkner’s “a rose for Emily,” Emily is described as a clingy individual who never has it easy letting go of the people she loves. This is well shown in the way she had a hard time accepting the death of her father and how refused, for three days, to have her father buried. She ignores calls from the doctor and ministers who are urging her to consent to her father’s burial but eventually breaks down just when the minister and the doctors begin contemplating to involve the authorities in the matter. Her breakdown reveals the difficulty that she had accepting that his father had indeed died. Emily also held onto Homer despite knowing very well that he was gay and therefore unable to love her as she desired. In order to keep Homer for herself, she decides to murder him. 2. Second Question In Ernest Hemingway’s “soldier’s home” Krebs avoids complications and consequences because of the transformation that he went through during the war. This transformation made him unable to love anyone and, in order to avoid the complications arising from his inability to love, he results to telling lies. His inability to properly relate to anyone, including the members of his family, makes him prefer to avoid complications and the consequences of these complications. The transformation has also makes it difficult for him to fit into the society which in turn has makes him to avoid work. His inability to express his emotions makes him avoid women and result to only admiring girls on the street. Krebs recalls that the women in Germany and France were much easier to deal with because the relationships he had with them were less complicated and had fewer consequences. The conflict in the story reveals itself when Krebs family tries to make him fit into the society but Krebs appears not interested in fitting into the society. 3. Third Question In both “killings” and “Rose for Emily” the protagonist ends up killing individuals out of love. I tend to empathize more with Matt in the “killing” than I do with Emily in “A rose for Emily” because, while Emily tries to imprison those she loves so they never have to leave her, Matt is simply trying to get closure to the murder of his son. It pains matt to see the individual who killed his son walk freely on the streets and he, unfortunately, resorts to murdering Richard to get the closure. 4. Fourth Question In May-Lee-Chai’s “saving Sourdi, Nea sees herself as a rescuer of her sister, Sourdi, due to the deep affection and care that she has for her sister. Nea’s personality of being straightforward and caring drives her to do just about anything that she thinks will make her sister happy. This is illustrated when she “rescues” her sister by stabbing an individual who was harassing her without caring about the consequences of her actions. Meanwhile, in John Updike’s “a&p,” Sammy sees himself as a “rescuer” of the three girls when his boss, the store manager, criticizes them for their bathing suits attire. Sammy perhaps perceives that the girls cannot defend themselves for their attire and decides to defend them even after they had walked out of the store. He even quits his job to demonstrate his disapproval of his boss’ criticism. In both cases therefore, the protagonists perceive that the other individuals cannot protect or defend themselves and decide to come to the rescue of the other individuals by defending them in the best way they know how. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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