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Sociological Theories Response: An essay

Published under category: Sample Academic Papers | 2015-05-19 12:05:13 UTC

Context: Sociology

Sociological theories explain how particular facts are socially related. A number of sociological theories explain events of the social world and at other times are applied in the prediction purposes. Social structure theory deals with the varying patterns of criminal behavior, which exist in the social world. Additionally, it deals with social change and its impact on social behaviors. The distribution of wealth, power and prestige creates the social structure and the different categories. Groups in the society that are well placed in terms of title or money elevate themselves higher that other groups in the society. On the other hand, social process theory regards criminality on the basis of people’s interaction in different institutes and activities in the society. There is a social interrelation between people worldwide, which portends a potential through which people may become criminals depending on the type of relations that they encounter. By determining the relationship that an individual interacts in, an individual can foretell the possibility of taking part in a criminal activity. Social conflict theory presents an argument that, different groups or persons in the society are of separate social classes such as that those who tend to have more ends up suppressing the less fortunate and exploiting them for their own good. Money is termed as the start of all social difference between people creating social differences, and this may be done through forceful acts like the one the police use to get information or calm down people. In conclusion, in studying the criminal activities and social interactions, societies and different social groupings serve to define the sociological theories. However, the different factors in the society act to increase the tendency and the changes in the societies that are to the benefit or destruction of the society. Reference Dilon,. M. (2010). Introduction to social theory: theories, concepts, and their applicability to the twenty first century. United Kingdom: John Willy & Sons. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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