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An essay on roman history

Published under category: Writing Help Convenience | 2015-05-05 06:34:35 UTC

Context: History

Romans have a rich history. Aspects of that history are discussed in this paper. Have a custom paper in history written for you. Research papers, essays, thesis, dissertations etc. How did the Romans see themselves? How would they have described their identity? They considered themselves as being better and civil in every way. They compared themselves with their enemies and categorically considered themselves culturally superior. They would describe their enemies as eating incorrectly. It is recorded that they referred to the Britons as stupid because they did not make cheese. The Irish they considered cannibals. They made their enemies look like they were of a lower demeanor and were not to their level. How did wine combine the traditional Roman self-understanding with Greek sophistication? Presentation of food was a very important aspect to a Roman. It goes to show that the Romans considered eating well as part of royalty and of a better social bearing. Though not true but it is recorded that they dined with a hundred year old wine that they drank and washed their hands. It goes to show that they valued vintage wine and well presented food. With most of Italy given over to vine production (viticulture), where did Rome get its grain? The rich people who had the means imported their food. They mostly ate exotic animals, imported foods, and drank vintage wine the poor, on the other hand, depended on the little grains they could grow and some they bought in the market from merchants who supplied them with grains. They depended on beans and cheese to providing them with proteins. The Romans thus got their grains from importation and a little from the farmers who grew it for substantial use only. What economy do we see emerging at the time of the Roman rise to power? With the dependency on imports and exports, it is clear that the economy was leaning towards trade. The roman economy in so many ways was stable considering the colonies that were under them and the countries that paid their dues as a country for being under the colony of Rome. His goes to show that the country was having a stable financial growth. With the increase in wine consumption, viticulture had to change. How did it change? Wine was considered part of the high social class consumption. It was part of the elite consumption but with increased consumption of wine, the Romans turned to vintage wine consumption. That is to say, they preferred wine that was much older to be of greater social bearing than the normal processed wine. How was the wine tied into social status? Wine was part of the food served for the rich and the socially stable people in society. The fact that the rich were using wine made it provide the social status of being civilized and powerful. Wine was imported into Rome from all over the colonies and thus the poor could not have access to the wine making it only accessible to the rich. It goes to show that it provided more of a social status than the food they ate. How did the Roman convivium differ from Greek symposium? The Greeks came up with the idea that what you eat you become. The Romans, on the other hand, spiced up what they ate but held on to the idea that had been propagated by the Greeks. That is to say just like the Greeks the Romans too believed that social status would be proven by what you ate but again they believed in not only eating but eating good and expensive would give you social status. How did Roman medicine relate to Roman food and drink? Romans related to the food as medicine and treatment for certain aliments. The wine was a way of administering the treatment. If someone were found to have eaten excessively he would be asked to exercise and drink a certain amount of wine to cool down and take a set exercise to ensure that the digestion does take place. Though it was not the right medication it gave a feel of how the treated wine and food. To them wine was medicinal in ensuring that they did not have problems developed as a result of having eaten something someone is not accustomed to eating. In general, how does Hippocrates, the writer upon whom Galen drew most heavily, understand health and a healthy lifestyle? It goes a long way to show that he took lifestyle to be a contributing factor to most of the ailments that people suffered. It would be because the rich have access to the expensive, sophisticated spices that are part of his regiments in treating some of the diseases. Give one example of an ailment and how Hippocrates thinks it should be treated? For a person who might have dined in a manner that is not in accordance to his customary ways the symptoms would have been swelling of the stomach, drowsiness, and fullness. His suggestion would be that the person sleeps after taking a bath, walking for a considerable amount of time, drinking a small quantity of wine not diluted. If it does not work then he can have his body rubbed with hot oil and if thirsty he drinks some weak and white wine or a sweet wine then rests. In paragraph 20, what treatment in addition to diet does Hippocrates prescribed? He prescribes the draw of blood and good exercise to keep fit and good eating habits that would ensure that they remain in good shape a physical fitness in ensuring he is strong enough to recuperate. What clues do we have that Symilus is very poor? He was preparing his own meals and he has just come from working in the fields. This goes to show that he was poor. What kinds of food does Symilus eat? What kind of foods does he not eat? He is eating cheese to supplement his proteins unlike the exotic meals that the rich would be eating and the wine that would be found in the table of the rich. How does Symilus' diet differ from the luxurious imports, special spices, of the upper-class Romans? Yes, in so many ways he does not dwell on the food that he can consider fancy and rich for his taking. He does not have wine like the rich have. What elements of the description of Trimalchio sound exaggerated? What clues are there that Trimalchio might be somewhat below the highest class? He's rich, but not refined? He is surprised by the sign on the door about the slaves and the way he reacts to all of the ideas about slavery makes him look less civil and rich. How does Trimalchio's dinner contrast with Symilus' meal? His meal is full of the Roman species and the best qualified as a socially upgraded society in comparison to the meal that Symilus was having. What about these foods do you think makes them higher status foods? They can be classified as high status since Symilus was not able to access them on his table. So yes they are high status foods. What in addition to the food itself makes this meal upper class? The way they converse on the table, the way they are served and with whom. That makes the meal more upper class that the scenario presented at Symilus. Strabo clearly considers the Britons less civilized. What does he say about their food choices that indicate that he believes they are not civilized? He talks of them making cheese with milk. A show according to him that would tell they are not civilized in any way. How are the Irish even less civilized than the Britons? He considers the Irish less civil since he considers them cannibals who have committed incest. What does Strabo's attitude toward the people of Thule seem to be? Does he view them more or less positively than the other two groups? Why do you think this might be? He does not like them and he comes across as having hate towards them. He views them to be of a lower social bearing than the other two groups. It can be attributed to the fact that he has only information about them that is bad and that is not even with proof of the same. All the information he has about them is mere hearsay. All in all, the Romans believed “you are what you eat." Explain the various ways in which we see this. They considered their enemies who ate differently to be stupid or cannibals all because they were not eating like they would consider good. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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