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An essay on world history

Published under category: Custom Writing | 2015-05-05 06:22:09 UTC

Context: History

Order an essay or research papers from this assignment writing website. An account of the world dates back to when civilization had not even been in the conception stage in the minds of human beings. The evolution of man came with the changes in technology, communication, and human relations. The indigenous communities lived peacefully with each other in areas they considered their ancestral homes. The divisions in the areas where people lived had no meaning among the early communities. Peace and harmony were the virtues that communities upheld in relating to their neighbors and themselves. However, changes in the cultures of man disrupted these to introduce different aspects of social coexistence. Therefore, this paper highlights the history in different parts of the world. Changes in the current world are a modification of the past inventions and discoveries. As people became familiar with the natural and artificial materials that were surrounding them, they sought to identify the importance that these materials could add to their lives. Therefore, more discoveries were made; people changed their living standards, adopted new methods and customs into their cultures, and sought to amass wealth at distinct levels. Consequently, the peace that once existed among the community members was broken with divisions among the people considering the amount of wealth that an individual possessed. Then again, different countries categorized themselves with respect to the power they had developed over the years and the economic position to get the different classes of developing and developed countries. These changes brought with them social evils that made it necessary for the state system to help in the administration and maintaining peace among the populations. Therefore, there came government systems and systems of ruling to ensure that the peace of the community was maintained. These changes have been transferred over generations to the present and will still have an effect in the following years to come. An account of the world is a cycle of processes and events that have been in play from years in the past and still in effect in the present generation. Each generation brings into effect a unique characteristic into play and translates to a positive or negative influence to the advancement of the human population. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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