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A Resort for Uplifting Memories: A story

Published under category: Custom Writing | 2015-05-05 06:17:43 UTC

Context: Story telling

Since my childhood, walking in the wild, hearing the calmness of the wind, admiring the birds and the butterflies enjoy the sun radiation in the early morning or the night always has left a mark in personal encounters and problems. In the break of day when the sun comes up and the trees receive the first radiation, they sparkle at the immensity of the pure radiation that is to help them grow. The soil and the grass beneath are a much more appealing sight with the dew that slowly dries up to leave the bright green grass appear to the world, a new day. In the night, the same process is repeated again. This time without the dew, the sun, which has enriched the plants and the grass with vitamins and necessitated the progress of vital functions, hides behind the vicinity of sight. Nevertheless, as it goes down beyond the horizon, there are sparkles of bright orange light that marks the end of the day, what a remarkable sight. The rising of the sun, setting of the sun and the beauty the whole world presents to the eyes work wonders in realizing the beauty that life emanates. It is at such moments when it turns out to be easy to forget the problems that are troubling an individual’s inner peace and just admire the beauty that nature presents. Walking into the forest presents an even greater joy to realize the marvel to overcome the struggles that one encounters. The animals in the wild undergo the same and even worse but still have a hope of seeing the future in a better circumstance than that which they were involved. The sights that nature presents give a hope to the struggles that promise a hope for tomorrow. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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