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Research paper: Embracing the Modernity in the Society

Published under category: Academic Paper Writing | 2015-05-05 05:54:54 UTC

Context: Social sciences: Modernity

This assignment writing website offers you an opportunity to have an essay on modernity written for you. The present global argument on the effects of modern life on Earth and the people on it necessitate instructors to ask for paper on this topic. Order your research papers on this topic here. In every society, people are divided into different categories. Each category, will it be dependent or independent, presupposes a role for the person to play. The dependent category, which comprises of the young generation and the elderly have to rely on support from their relatives or people who take care of them. On the other hand, the independent category encompasses people in the society who have a job or earn wages at their working areas. According to Hindle and Coates, a modern society has less regard to the elderly owing to the increased working hours, duties to the close family members and other social life commitments. These reasons form the basis of development of organizations, which are aimed to help the elderly and enable them identify with the community as members. Therefore, this paper focuses on providing the details on training of volunteers and retaining them in the organization. Older Persons Commission (OPC) is an organization that aims at providing the elderly in the society with transportation, meals, day care, income services, advocacy services, health and wellness programs, library services, and art events. Volunteers take interest in providing their services to help the elderly with a motive to make a change in the patient’s life. Therefore, to maintain their interest and commitment to the provision of these services, it will add value to involving them in the organization of the training sessions and the actual work done. The opportunity to view a personal idea for the betterment of the society provides a satisfaction of mind that their views count in the organization. Additionally, training sessions can be made to be an interactive session; consequently, the volunteers not only get a chance of learning new ideas and methods to provide services but they have the opportunity of taking part in them. The training sessions can offer additional training on life skills and development that would otherwise be given at a price if it were somewhere else. As the organization will be providing these sessions to volunteers, it will not only be training them to take care of the elderly, but also imparting knowledge to them on crucial life issues. Training for volunteers can be poorly attended if the team members are not motivated. The elderly have particular needs that are only met if one has the idea of what is required at different instances. In setting the training sessions, it becomes important to identify with the volunteers. The age group of the volunteers, their expectations in attending the training sessions, and an expected judgment they might have on the session. In attracting volunteers to take part in the training sessions, the events can be incorporated with additional programs such as entertainment, recreational events, and competitions that the volunteers will want to take part. Additionally, the organizers can include awards as per the performance to improve on the participation of the volunteers and their involvement. In conclusion, the elderly still form part of the community with a vital role to play in its continuity. However, their wellness and health relies on the individuals that are close or related to them. The services provided by OPC aims at ensuring that the elderly have the chance of enjoying what other community members enjoy as members of the same society. Volunteers in the group have the mandate of providing for the elderly what the society has failed to achieve by filling that the social gap created. They, therefore, have to embrace the trainings and awareness programs aimed at making their services to the elderly worthwhile. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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