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A research essay: Theory of the Interlocking Treadmills of Production and Consumption

Published under category: Essay Writing Tips | 2015-05-05 05:47:31 UTC

Context: Production and consumption theory

In a world where technology is advancing everyday and mechanization is tremendously reducing, if not replacing, human participation, there is a notable treadmill of production and consumption. The theory of interlocking treadmills of production and consumption gives an essential explanation of the reasons behind the surging of environmental problems today. Simply, the owners of production spur up a production and consumption synergy. Whereas factors of production are laid down to impel an expansion drive, there is also a consumption scheme that seeks to make sure a continuous process of production is maintained. Consider for example, the education sector where institutions of higher learning have burgeoned everywhere with a scheme to make a killing from the pressure by everyone today to get a degree, then an advanced degree, and so on. Actually, the same institutions have induced the pressure to have a degree, and normalized it, so that, they can in turn get a wild number of students who want to pursue a degree program. What these institutions have done is that, they have set the qualifications of getting a good-paying job so high that, even degrees today are becoming useless, as certificates and diplomas are already irrelevant in the job market. Education institutions influence CEOs and Human Resource Managers from various firms to give priority to applicants with an advanced degree, masters, or PhD, not because they have unique skills, but because they want degree holders to start doing an advanced degree. The main intent of this process is to make profit, whereas in my opinion, it generates a heap of environmental problems such as unemployment (waste) as well as atypical consumption trends and expectations. The rising levels of qualifications in securing a job determine whether a job is good-paying or not. Equally, the levels of consumption expectations define what a good-paying job is. For example, there is a culture today where people desire to own various electronic gadgets as a show of status, or as an indication that one is doing a good-paying job. As various electronic gadgets are produced, having the most expensive one is desired and a dream for everyone. Further, one would contend that a job is good-paying if it accords one a luxurious lifestyle. People want to buy expensive and trendy clothes, visit attraction sites across the world, sleep in expensive hotels, and drive expensive and comfortable cars. In order for one to get all these, there is need for a job that pays a lot of money. Therefore, a job is good-paying if it gives money that can provide all these desired lifestyles. For one thus to have such a good-paying job, one must go for an advanced degree and so forth, to increase the chances of securing a good-paying job. The interlocking treadmill of production and consumption operates in a vicious circle that seeks to appropriate certain trends for the benefit of producers. Conversely, the interlocking treadmill of production theory constructs a narrative of how economic expansion in advanced industrial societies causes environmental and ecological damage. Simply, there is an endless cycle of production processes inherent in our current economic system such as the capitalist mode of production in modern industrial society. This cycle of endless production processes generates large quantities of offsets which is usually dumped back into the environment or system again. The resultant degradation affects human well being and the natural ecosystem. If certain resources are exhausted in one area, the system does not reduce consumption levels but encourages lifestyle adjustments while looking for new areas of exploitation, and the production treadmill continues. The demands for consumption are simply, fueled by the creation of desires and wants as opposed to practical needs, convincing people purchase more and more consumer goods for lifestyle enhancement and luxurious enjoyment. Such lifestyle enhancement directs one’s desire to have a good-paying job, which is predicated in having an advanced degree, and so on. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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