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An essay education philosophy

Published under category: Sample Academic Papers | 2015-05-05 05:25:57 UTC

Context: Education

In introduction to their courses, educationists are required to write essays to assess their knowledge of the field they are going to learn about. This is where research and paper writing on education philosophy becomes a tool for assessment. Experts can write your entry education philosophy paper as this assignment writing website. Order research papers with reliable people, who can guarantee you a good start or finish in your course. Education in the doctrines of Christianity has been defined as a solely mental or physical activity that has been associated with learning the activities and experiences of other human beings. It should, however, be noted that education is not only a method through which people would be able to acquire knowledge and skills. It would also be very imprudent to rush to the conclusion that education is only confined within formal schools, traditional classroom settings or areas reserved for tutorial relationships. The paper look to draw a conclusive evidence of these theories as embraced with Christians through different emerging issues that have been included in education. Education as is commonly know is out to provide information and acquisition of skills that would be later be useful in the everyday lives of individuals in their activities or jobs. However, the idea that education is only out to perfect man's skills is another misplaced idea. Education in not only confined to the acquisition of experience in material worlds perspective but in some way it has been used to bring that close relationship between man and God. It has showed man that in the attainment of perfection there is an existence of a supreme being how has already attained perfection. As much as the result of education is human beings self-development and self-fulfillment it is not the only thing. Christians have the belief that education should be a way in which humans can be oriented into social beings. To be part of a society that would best describe them as industrial and useful. Technology has always proved useful in so many aspects especially in education. It has enabled access of much information that otherwise would have been hard to access. Technology has enabled easy understanding of information and concepts and most importantly it has made the course wider than it initially was. That is to say from the comfort of the room a student gets information and is taught by a teacher who necessarily does not have to be in class. However, has technology helped achieve the rules and doctrines held by the church concerning education? Education was all about informing the public of how best to survive and be better people. Through technology education has been made have access to a wide variety of information. Students no longer only interact with themselves but a wider community. They have broken the idea of having only the class at their disposal, but the whole world and the information that they poses. Technology in education has the sole purpose of making education easily accessible and more informative. Differentiated instruction would mean that tutors would come up with methods or systems of instructions so as to meet the needs of an individual. The process would mean the content of the teaching meet the requirements of the student. The process involves activities that would involve making the student better make sense of the teachings and the instructions that would be delivered. Its role is to ensure that the students better understand what they are being taught so ideally to attain the intended purpose of that teaching. Under critical analysis of diversity in education, it is conclusive that it enriches educational experience. That is to say the students get to have a feel of an array of information and experiences. With students, having contact to a variety in education there is a likelihood of it promoting personal growth and a healthy society upon graduation. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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